Urchin Web Analytics Tool

Now, you need not worry about the privacy of your data or to see the actions of individual users. Google's Urchin Software suite is all set to let you calibrate the extra levels of data, to gather insight about the activities of your visitors. On coupling Urchin with our powerful web analytic services, you may discover the top-performing Web pages and gain the full picture of how people interact with your website in no time. It lets you understand what's working and what's not. From the analysis, it is quite easy to identify patterns in visitors' true click paths as they navigate your website. So, put urchin web analytics to work and benchmark your success with comparative reports and historical analysis.

BrainPulse's services with Urchin

We possess a team of experienced technical staff for installation, configuration and maintenance of Urchin web analytics solutions. The experts at BrainPulse go upto making you understand the way to evaluate your web analytic and comprehend exactly what your visitors are doing on your website. On advertently analyzing and interpreting your statistical data, these experts select the performance metrics that are important and make the information from your log files actionable. So, put an end to your guesswork and get exact metrics of your visitors' activities to convert more visitors into customers.

Some of Urchin's Major Features and Benefits

  • Business Ready(sm) SVG-Powered Charts and Graphs.
  • Arrangement of availing web-based reports to view your stats anywhere.
  • Search function to find the exact data one needs.
  • Ability to export your data to Microsoft Excel and Word.
  • Reports generation in over 10 languages.
  • Available on Linux and Windows servers.
  • Fastest, most-efficient and highly accurate.
  • Quick generation of automatic all-profiles reports.

Urchin is Best Fit For

  • An intranet site behind a firewall blocking internet activity.
  • Re-processing of historical logs and for server error reporting.
  • Where webmasters are not able to tag their pages.
  • A hosting provider wants to provide visitor reports to big count of customers. Urchin with its easy-to-script command-line interface creates and modifies several website reports simultaneously.
  • To track individual visitor anonymously.

With us, you can avail complete Urchin installation, implementation and consultation services. By teaming up our expertise with unique Urchin web analytic softwares, we can help you answer all important marketing questions regarding your visitors. For more information, contact us today!

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