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Key YouTube Video Optimization Tips For Better Rankings

Sumant Singh July 27th, 2015 Social Media Marketing 1 comment.


YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google and third most visited site on web. As per the latest information surfaced recently, searches related to 'how-to' topics are surging up by 70% year over year. The stats endorses the fact that video content is more engaging than text or any other content medium. So, it's important to set a strategy before creating your YouTube channel.

YouTube Video Optimization Best Practices

Make sure your optimization is based upon a solid video content calendar that aligns your goals. Here are the tips how you can channelize your YouTube Video Optimization strategy better.

Set Channel Name, Branding and URL:

Your YouTube channel is your brand, so you should represent it well. Choose your channel name, icon, banner and vanity URL wisely and get one that reflects your brand. The banner images and channel icon should be of high quality to avoid visual ambiguity and pixelation. Recently, YouTube changed its policy guidelines for claiming a vanity URL. A channel will be able to claim a vanity URL if:

  • Channel has 500 or more subscribers
  • Channel is at least 30 days old
  • Channel has uploaded a photo for the channel icon
  • Channel has uploaded channel art

Channel Keyword And Targeted Country:

Once created, optimize your channel with appropriate keywords. It will help channel rank higher in YouTube search. Be careful while searching the keywords as they should be related to your business and must have good search volume. Use Google AdWords keyword planner tool for search volume data. Be sure to select the targeted country you want to rank in.

Associated Website:

Adding your website in 'associated website' feature in channel setting will help you bring your website in the limelight. It will establish your brand authority brand authority in the YouTube search results.

Channel Description And Links:

This is another way of improving your chances of getting good rank. Place branded and keyword-targeted content in the description section of your YouTube channel. You should include enough and relevant content in description field to increase opportunity. You should also include links to your website and social profiles to help users easily navigate to your website.

Channel Homepage:

Your channel home page acts the primary interface for your channel. To make it user-centric, you can utilize YouTube's featured video feature. Using this feature, you can highlight a specific video to play automatically when someone visits the channel homepage.

Featuring your specific videos on channel's homepage will help boost engagement and enable you publish your specific information about your business. Highlighting video playlists on the homepage also helps users discover the different video content that you have uploaded.

Links To Your Channel:

Like links to your website on channel, keep link to channel on your website. It helps to popularize your channel among the users.

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Other YouTube Optimization Factors:

Besides, there are some prominent factors as well that play a significant role in YouTube optimization.

Views, Likes, Shares :

Number of views, likes (thumbs up) on YouTube affect your YouTube video rankings. Social shares and inbound links are also significant to the search rankings. As soon a video goes live on your channel, you should begin its distribution to help gain views, likes, shares and links.

Thumbnail Optimization:

Optimizing custom thumbnail and annotations feature help increase video CTR, views and shares for your YouTube Video. YouTube allows to upload a high quality custom thumbnail for each video. The thumbnail should be visually compelling to help get your video more clicks and views.


Another key YouTube video optimization practice. uWith annotations, you can highlight text in a video. The text may be additional video notes, calls to action and links to other related videos.


Though, branding supposedly doesn't have direct impact on video rankings, it does help increase brand authority and engagement. Improved engaged can lead to more subscribers, shares and views. YouTube's watermark feature that allows you to brand watermark all your videos.

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    YouTube is a great online channel to influence for movement and to engage more of your target market. These key strategies are additionally simple to rank and are so easy to make