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Windows VPS Hosting @ BrainPulse: Massive Capabilities Ensured

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For the online business owners who want to enjoy new standards of performance, reliability and flexibility during the business processes, BrainPulse offers a broad range of Window based VPS hosting plans to accomplish their needs. A core team of web hosting experts work round the clock to develop a number of VPS Hosting plans that are purely flexible and customizable.

Enjoy Seamless Security and Services

Our VPS solutions allow customers to share the expenses of hardware and networking connections and control their own private servers without compromising on performance.

Plans starts at as low as INR 1500/M

Features That Matter

  • Ability to install and configure any programs you want
  • Run PHP with PostgreSQL instead of MySQL
  • Host unlimited number of Websites through Apache's Virtual Hosts
  • Host other services like mail server and FTP server
  • Use the server for backup and file storage

Avail The Best Technical Advantage

These VPS hosting plans are available at BrainPulse with a robust control panel to them manage various tasks like starting and stopping services, add users, requesting new IP addresses and many more.

  • Windows 2003(32bit)Standard OS
  • Up to 100 Mbps uplinkport
  • Up to 2 dedicated IPs
  • Up to 100 GB data transfer
  • 768 MB Burstable RAM


Get The power, control and flexibility of BrainPulse's Windows VPS hosting today with a very attractive price tag indeed.

Call our sales team now.

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