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Wikipedia Losing Search Traffic From Google : Jimmy Wales

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Wikipedia co-founder Jimmy Wales confirmed the speculations that Wikipedia is losing its search traffic coming from Google . He said that his website is receiving less and less traffic and the issue is pending to Google since long. Wales added that the drop in search traffic is not sudden but a long term issue with decreasing traffic from Google.

Wales further said that SimilarWeb article also misrepresents how Wikipedia needs those clicks from Google:

“It is also false that ‘Wikipedia thrives on clicks,’ at least as compared to ad-revenue driven sites… The relationship between ‘clicks’ and the things we care about: community health and encyclopedia quality is not nothing, but it’s not as direct as some think.”


Wales seems right in what he is saying. Wikipedia is consistently noticing long-term and gradual drop in its Google search rankings. SearchMetrics shows this in their “SEO visibility” charts, which don’t measure traffic, but measure how visible a website is in search results:

There was a time when Wikipedia dominated the Google search results and probably the most visible site there. There are arguments floating out there to know: why so? Some have said it might have to do with the Google Answer box, and some argued the advent of Google algorithms behind this change. But, the fact remains that Wikipedia is noticing a steady decline in traffic from Google.

  • Hilton Wood

    This is surprising but I figure expected given the way of search engines.

  • Kevin Woods

    May be there is no need to click on Wikipedia page because users getting better result direct from Google so it could be a reason…