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Why WhatsApp Marketing Is Better Than SMS Marketing ?

Tarun Gupta June 11th, 2014 Internet Marketing 1 comment.

WhatsApp Marketing

WhatsApp has changed the way of traditional messaging. It has also helped marketers to think beyond 160-character text messages to advertise their business among their targeted buyers. Using WhatsApp they can now create a better audience outreach. This cross-platform messaging app overcomes several limitations of traditional Marketing Via SMS

How WhatsApp Marketing Overcomes The Limitations Of Text Message Marketing?

There are reasons why WhatsApp marketing gives more business benefits to the marketers than the text message marketing :

Message Length:

A standard text message supports 160 characters only. Using WhatsApp marketers can send messages with unlimited length.

Message Format:

Traditional messages are restricted to the text format. With WhatsApp marketers can send messages using text, audio, video, vCard and images etc. This opens up the possibilities for more innovative and targeted campaigns.

No Restrictions:

Marketers who use text message marketing are not allowed to send messages to DND ( Do Not Disturb) directory subscribers. It restricts the message outreach. While using WhatsApp, marketers needn't to bother about DND restrictions.

Target Marketing:

Text messaging is a common feature in every mobile device so targeting such a huge user base is a tough task. On the contrary, a Smartphone is pre-requisite for WhatsApp thus using WhatsApp marketing you can approach Smartphone users as your target buyers.

This is the right time to go with Taregeted Marketing via Whatsapp Messenger, if you are still relying on SMS marketing for promotion of your brand and its advertisement.

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    Good article. One big advantage of SMS is that it can reach all of the recipients, regardless if they have installed the app