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Why Shared Hosting is Better for Small Business Owners

Tarun Gupta | Sep 3rd, 2009 | Web Hosting Resources

Finding a shared hosting provider is not a difficult task, as thousands of companies have emerged to cater to the demands produced by the increasing popularity of the internet. By leveraging the latest technological inventions that shared hosting providers have, it is possible to promote their services and products on the web.

Shared hosting, as the name implies is a web hosting service where the web server used to host the web pages is shared by many websites. There can be thousands of websites on a single shared hosting server and it is due to the fact that one server is satisfying the requirements of many websites; they can offer cheap prices. Shared web hosting is best if the user has a small business and has some financial constraints. But before selecting the best shared hosting company one should carefully examine the support quality of the company and understand the advantages and disadvantages of shared hosting.

Besides low price, shared hosting offers many more perks that are combined with a level of simplicity and power. With advanced Web Hosting technology, comprehensive control panels and management tools have simplified the process of creating and administering your website. The shared hosting environment leases out space on a server, which is shared by the users together with resources like CPU, RAM and bandwidth. It is increasingly getting popular because of its affordability and various plan structures that website owners can avail in order it host their site in the net.

Advantages of Shared Hosting:

since the web hosting servers are monitored and operated by expert IT professionals, the website owners can concentrate more on their business rather than the problems concerning downtime and maintenance.
Cost Effective:
many websites can be hosted on a single server in shared hosting and so the cost is very low per month. The cut throat competition in the hosting market has made companies offer huge web space and bandwidth for their own survival.
the services provided by the web hosting companies usually have enough space and bandwidth that is more or less sufficient for small business websites. As the company grows, one can add the extra resources whenever needed.
Utility options:
though the resources are shared in web hosting, utility options are offered by hosting companies so that the website owners can manage their own sites using the control panel or similar type of tools. They have the facility to upload or remove files, add database and even check the statistics.
No maintenance cost:
shared hosting require no maintenance costs because this is taken care by the provider themselves and upgrade on the server do not cost as it is part of the business.
Quick Setup:
when you avail shared hosting service from a reputed company, your account is setup within hours and even sometimes within minutes. While dedicated servers can take a time of about 24 to 72 hours before your server is ready.

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