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Mistakes That Clients Frequently Do While Using Dedicated Servers

Govind Singh | Dec 22nd, 2015 | Web Hosting Resources
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Choosing dedicated servers offer client more power and freedom if compared to other web hosting plans available to their disposal. You must have reached to a threshold where you want to replace existing shared hosting with dedicated hosting plans. Buying a dedicated server is quite a daunting task, thus should be planned well. These servers cost huge, so hasty decisions may blow your hosting budget.


How To Get The Most Out Of Your Dedicated Servers?

Most of the clients however fail to maintain the health of their dedicated servers and therefore lose considerable amount of resource and budget. I am listing here a few mistakes that I have noticed clients doing unintentionally with their dedicated hosting servers:

Failing To Manage Cost:

This is the biggest loophole, I constantly talk about. This is an area where most of the clients tend to make a mistake. Though, dedicated servers are already expensive and seldom have hidden cost, many organizations underestimate the maintenance cost in case the servers are left unmanaged. Before switching to the dedicated server, make sure that you're aware of the ever single penny you're going to invest on the server.

Problems With Permissions and Logins:

I have seen many clients who skip creating tough passwords and enabling stringent user permissions when they buy a dedicated server. This should be the first recommendation I' ll suggest. Three things that should be implemented first are :


  • Setting a secure and an unbreakable password
  • Disabling root logins
  • Limiting the file permissions
  • Passwords that are easy to guess may give hackers a passage for attacking your server space.

Ignoring Security Threats:

Servers are vulnerable to threats, so you should always take measures to keep them secure. Ask your top web hosting company to provide you server shield, server hardening and 24X7 server monitoring. If you've purchased dedicated server or paid for the data center services, it doesn't mean security isn't your responsibility.

Ignoring the Business Requirements:

Even though you've scrutinized your requirements before flagging off the purchase, it's recommend to see through it once more. Your business might need several resource that you need to fill in. Just before rolling out the deal, make a checklist. Check if you have mentioned following pointers in the list or if your provider have missed any one or more in the service bundle you subscribed for.


  • Disaster recovery
  • Secure access to dedicated servers and integrity of data
  • Management of heavy/ large-sized files
  • PCI Compliancy
  • Firewalls, protection against Distributed DOS attacks
  • High availability
  • Scalability

Not Giving Time To Understand Technology:

After purchasing the dedicated servers, spend some time on learning its functionaries rather jumping upon immediately. Before start working with it, make sure you know how to properly using the technologies involved. Learn the best practices involved in monitoring and security of the servers. Putting up things in operations without knowing the basics might create disasters.

Missing The Network Factor :

Your server might be of great power, but network is also an important entity. This is why, while selecting a host, you needn't to focus entirely on specs but also at network and power redundancy and reliability of the resources.

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Syal NI Says:

The greatest entanglement of dedicated hosting is cost. In spite of the fact that there are no hidden cost or setup charges connected with most dedicated hosting plans, numerous associations tend to disparage the amount of cash they’ll have to exhaust on IT

Rahul Joshi Says:

While selecting a host you should know that dedicated servers not just ensure excellent performance and reliability, as well as service uptimes with exhaustive SLAs up to 99.95% to coordinate your business models.

Sameer Kapoor Says:

Get a back up of your site and keep it safe. Ensure that your site is frequently being backed up, and ensure you know what is expected to do in order to recover your site from the backup.

Julie Granville Says:

An unmanaged VPS is going to be much less expensive than a managed VPS, but if you don’t know what you’re doing and you are either unwilling or unable to dedicate the time to learn your’re going to end up bring you site down or getting hacked.