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WhatsApp Ready To Takeover VoIP / Voice Calling Market

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Whatsapp Voip Calling

Whatsapp is the leader when it comes to mobile messaging across all mobile platforms (Apple / Android / BBM / Windows), leaving behind even blackberry BBM and all other messengers (BBM, Hike, WeChat and more). And its is now aligning itself to take over the Voip Calling market and is now competing with Skype, Viber to name a few.

WhatsApp Preparing for Voip Era

Whatsapp has over 465 million users to its user base and this number continues to increase as we talk. The day is not far when phone users will make this shift from the traditional phone services to the Voip platform and it is this era for which Whatsapp is gearing up itself for.

The 2 core areas Whatsapp will need to focus

This battle will be fought on 2 grounds essentially

  • Quality of Voice and Service
  • Cost for Voip Calling

If Whatsapp get the above 2 things right it has a user base they can reach out to in no time. And with the Giant like Facebook backing them (largest social community on the face of this earth) there is no reason why Whatsapp can't market this.

Whatsapp Voip Feature Release Date

Although there is no official release date from Whatsapp for this, but it is assumed that its on the verge of releasing their Voip Calling service. Their next update will have Voip Calling, at least this is what i believe.

The Main Competition

The main competition for Whatsapp is basically Skype and then trailing behind skype are Multiple brands like vonage etc. The least that i can say to them is "BEST OF LUCK" the storm is about to hit.

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Manoj Khanna Says:

WhatsApp VoIP feature is though live on android but I feel there are certain call drop and other technical issues reported. People find Viber and Skype more impressive than this. I believe that in times to come WhatsApp will address the issue…

Mohit Says:

It’s great to have voice calling in WhatsApp. But I find voice quality poor and often broken. And I also feel that it consumes more data. Hope WhatsApp will work to rectify it…

Vishiphotography Says:

The overhaul is accessible on Google Play Store and WhatsApp’s own particular site. The highlight is required to be taken off to iOS clients in a few weeks.