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Whatsapp Marketing – A New Trend in Digital Mobile Marketing

Tarun Gupta April 27th, 2014 Mobile Marketing 3 comments.

Whatsapp Marketing Call

Whatsapp recently created waves when Facebook came and bought it for a whooping 19 Billion Dollars. But now its in news for altogether different reasons. Digital marketing heads of big organizations are eyeing Whatsapp as a new tool for mobile marketing.

1. The obvious reasons what makes whatsapp a great platform for mobile marketing is its huge user base. It has been qouted on Quartz, Here

WhatsApp, which has grown to a staggering 500 million monthly users in only a few years—many of them in fast-growing international markets like India, Brazil, and Mexico.

And this user base carries smartphones which makes it easier to categorize the target audience.

2. Another factor that makes Whatsapp exciting is its ability to use multiple media types for brand communications. It can send messages in:

  • Text Messages
  • Images
  • Audio
  • Video
  • Vcards

Which makes it super exciting for Brand Communication as it gives them the power to communicate through different mediums.

3. To top this all up, in India for mobile marketing you could not send traditional SMS marketing messages to people who have subscribed for DND(Do not distrub) Services by there telephone operator. With whatsapp marketing around the corner this entire audience can now be targeted.

So the party has begun for marketers, Hop on and see if whatsapp marketing is something that you would like to use for running for digital marketing campaign. So Hop On. Brainpulse has launched a Whatsapp marketing software / tool through which you can Send Bulk Whatsapp Messages Campaign.

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  • Sophia

    WhatsApp is an amazing platform indeed yet I have doubts whether it would be able or not to engage more buyers when exploited as a marketing tool.

    nice read.

  • http://www.swayamdas.com Swayam Das

    Interesting concept! So how do you send to target people without –
    1. having their number
    2. knowing what they like?

  • http://www.brainpulse.com Tarun Gupta

    The success of the tool really depends on the campaign type. ITs could be used for lead generation or for just merely brand building. so it really depends on how you use this.