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WhatsApp Crossed 800 Million Active Users Landmark

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The vibrant journey of WhatsApp messenger app has reached another milestone a couple of days ago. After touching a whopping active user base of 700 million this January, the number jumped up to 800 million in just 4 months. Adding 100 million users in its database is more than amazing for the WhatsApp.

In a facebook post, co-founder and CEO of the company Jan Koum broke the news. He also announced the inclusion of certain new features in the WhatsApp for Android. The latest version will enable users to take backup/ restore options for chat history and media via Google Drive.

In his post Koum cleared his view and stated the difference between active users and registered users. He said that WhatsApp is now serving 800,000,000 monthly active users and press should keep in mind that active and registered users are not the same thing.

In January, Koum reveled that WhatsApp had a massive exchange of over 30 billion messages every single day. But this time he hasn't disclosed any such data on messages exchanged.

image credit: web

image credit: web

If this steady growth continues, WhatsApp may reach the psychological benchmark of 1 billion monthly active user base by the end of this year. Despite facing stiff competition from instant messaging apps such as Hike, Line, WeChat and Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp Messaging App has remained relevant for users with its awesome features and pledge for better user experience.

Recently, the company has launched its voice calling feature for Android users and expecting to make it available for Windows and iOs users soon.

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- WhatsApp Crossed 800 Million Users

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  • http://www.vishiphotography.com/ Chandan Puri

    WhatsApp is a clear example that focusing on solving a real problem in a big market is the way to go achieve sustained phenomenal growth. WhatsApp should continue its wonderful growth. Congratulations !

  • Monny paul

    That is truly incredible, WhatsApp is adding clients it is soon to turn into the most obvious downloaded and active App. Instagram and Twitter are a long ways behind the whatsApp in terms of number of active users. Expecting more from WhatsApp…

    • http://www.brainpulse.com Tarun Gupta

      With the viop services these numbers are going to grow even more rapidly

  • http://www.brainpulse.com Manoj Khanna

    WhatsApp has been really engaging with including news highlights in recent couple of months. WhatsApp started rolling out its calling service and its Android app was recently updated with material design. WhatsApp on fire..

  • Lucky

    It’s a great success for WhatsApp to get 800 million active users and now WhatsApp seems to gearing up to add backup/ restore options, as supposed prior, for chat history and media via Google’s distributed storage benefit via Google Drive..

  • Anant Singh

    The only reason I use whatsapp still is to talk with friends and family member that do not have iMessage. It is another great back-up when iMessage goes down on those rare occasions.