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Backlink Profiling For Quick Google Penalty Recovery

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If you have ever participated in a link program for acquiring links to your site, you might be one among those who would be on the Google scanner post-penguin updates. With its Penguin 2.0 and Penguin 2.1 updates, Google made the distinction between good links and bad links loud and clear. As soon Penguin landed, it started shuffling the search rankings and penalized sites involved in spammy links and over optimization. Penguin reacted strongly on bad link profiles and spammy link building practices that were prevailing in the domain before its arrival.

Backlink Profiling In Penguin 2.1 Age

If all is not the well with the links that you have already made in the past, what's the remedy to escape the Google ire? And here is the answer. Only a Clean Backlink Profile can help you to win the Google's trust. So, let's start with analyzing your backlinks on the following parameters:

  • How you have built your links?
  • From where you have acquired these links?
  • Whether are not these links fulfill the quality guideline?

How To Prepare A Clean Backlink Profile

Google attacks spammy sites by imposing different levels of Google penalty. It ranges from partial de-indexing to a complete ban on the site. It's therefore crucial to execute a thorough check on your backlinks. Following are the three things that you need to consider on the priority basis while preparing your backlink profile:

  • Comprehensive analysis of backlinks
  • Complete analysis of the good link
  • Tracking possible weak backlinks

Analyze Your Anchor Text:

The three steps given are primarily taken up during Google Penalty Removal. Anchor text analysis comes first. In order to ensure a perfect backlink profile, scrutinize the anchor texts used. While doing this you must check and enlist the number of optimized anchor text in the link profile, availability of branded links in the profile and identify how many links are being used with the same anchor text. It is therefore crucial to be specific with the branded links for your link profile. If possible, keep variations in anchor text(s) used.

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Keep Track Of The Link Positioning:

The gap maintained between two consecutive links plays a significant role in backlink profiling. The term link positioning refers to the gap between two links placed in the same context. Two links shouldn't be very closer or too far from each other. It's always a good practice to ensure appropriate link positioning for a better backlink profile.

Start Managing Your Link Types:

Carrying relevant link types is also very important in creating a natural link profile. You can invite a severe Google penalty if a use a few types of irrelevant links. Prepare a check list to make a list of the links that come in this category.

Backlink Removal With Disavow:

That's the final deal. Once you have filtered that bad and messy links, send a reconsideration request to Google. Once Google receives, it puts all the bad links in the queue to consider it no-follow using its badlink removal disavow tool. Once disavowed, Google sets these links 'no-follow' and ignores them on its next crawling. This results in a clean and penalty proof backlink profile.

Don't forget to wrap up entire process and outcome within easily accessible reports. Before submitting the reconsideration request to Google make sure your list doesn't contain good links since once processed these results can't be revoked.

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