Steps to Improve Website Safety

These are quick points to ponder that can help you dramatically increase the security of your website. Though, these steps alone won’t guarantee the complete safeguard against the hacks and attacks, they will indeed stop the vast majority of automated attacks, reducing your overall risk.


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5 Types of SSL Certificates Your Website Needs

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SSL Certificates

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer. This is an encryption technology introduced by Netscape in the 1990s. The SSL creates an encrypted connection between your web server and your visitors' web browser. The connection ensures smooth transmission of private and confidential information without obstacles like data tampering, message forgery and data stealing.

Mixed Content Warning

Mixed content warnings appear when a site running on HTTPS has few HTTP elements that are not secure. These elements are most probably the images, videos CSS, embeds and Javascript. For most of the webmasters and website owners mixed content warning is an issue they need a resolution for.


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Effective Ways To Manage Data Center Resources

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data center

In a local environment, it's easy to manage resources. However, when resources are distributed in remote environments, constant monitoring is required to ensure smooth operations. Poor taming of resources or ineffective resource management could hit your allocated budget and expenses.


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How To Keep Joomla Websites Safe From Hacking?

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joomla website

Websites made using Joomla are easily modified and updated, and thousands of its plug-ins and modules help in adding more to sire's functionalities. Whatever the feature or enhancement you want to add, there is a plug-in available for.

website hacking

What happens when you suddenly realize that your website has been hacked and its data is on the verge of compromise. You may have spotted website hacking before as well and adopted measures to prevent it in future. It's always a weired experience to see an unknown admin controlling your site. If this is something constantly goes on, your website seems vulnerable to backdoor exploits.


Resellers constitute the largest chunk in the industry. Reseller hosting is a sort of service where a person purchases hosting resources such as disk space and bandwidth etc. in bulk and allocates space and bandwidth to host websites on behalf of third party vendors.


Despite the several benefits of HTTPS migration, numerous website owners haven't done this yet done. They may have their doubts about that should be addressed properly. Google itself states several reasons why its beneficial to switch to HTTPS.


Notably, our shared hosting plans are available both for Linux and Windows operating systems. Each plan that we offer include a website builder, access to open source applications, site backup, and many more inbuilt features.


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Ways To Secure WordPress Website From Hacking

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Hackers out there leave no stone unturned to compromise your website's crucial data and deface the information stored in, if you fail to keep it secure. You can't simply leave every thing on your web hosting provider.