there are a few plugins that every WP website should have. These plugins serve different purpose for the website such as caching, security and search optimization etc. The plugin directory of world’s #1 content management system contains over 46000+ plugins. That means there are plugins available for almost every function or feature you need on your website.


Tarun Gupta
6 Ways to Keep Your WordPress Website / blog Safe

Tarun Gupta February 27th, 2017 Web Development no comments.

wordpress website safety

Hackers out there try to exploit and intrude into this most popular web platform WordPress time and again. It would be disastrous enough if cons even inject a single line of malicious code into any of the hundred files that up a whole website.


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6 Solid Reasons You Should Switch To Drupal 8

Tarun Gupta January 27th, 2017 Web Development no comments.

drupal 8

You can easily use Drupal 8. The platform makes authoring, configuration management, and upgrading quick and effective. The CMS platform is also offering translation services and immediately adapting for mobile devices. Listing here 6 of the most awesome reasons


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Accelerated Mobile Pages Setup Guide For Blogs

Tarun Gupta January 2nd, 2017 Web Development 1 comment.

Accelerated Mobile Pages

Google’s AMP renders lightweight versions of existing mobile pages hosted on Google’s server. This results in visible boost to the loading speed of your mobile version of website. When AMP is implemented for your mobile website, its content pages start loading incredibly fast.

website redesiging

Ambiguously fixed SEO elements could decimate your search engine optimization best practices that you had so carefully incorporated into your old website. This frightening scenario could be changed by planning the optimization before redesign.

landing page optimization

While planning and developing landing pages, these are the questions, marketers should outline first. There are different landing page factors exist that should be tested. Notably, they take much time to track, measure, and implement.

ecommerce seo

Amidst emerging craze of ecommerce seo, businesses are increasingly focusing on having their online portals active and optimized. If optimized well, a portal likely gets more web traffic, larger stream of revenue helps to funnel traffic to your most profitable pages. However, optimizing an ecommerce seo portal hasn't been that easy as earlier it was.


A number of important features have been included to let developers and users streamline every little detail that go into creating content. Following is the latest additions made to WordPress version 4.5. The latest version is designed with major enhancements that will certainly help you improve and optimize the content creation process.

Accelerated Mobile Pages

Ever since it was rolled out, questions were constantly raised about its relevance and benefits. Even the concept is now live in full swing, you may have few questions remain to get answered. To put the idea of AMP in right perspective, I have decided to write down a quick note on the topic. Hope it will help you.