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Ways To Build A Massive Email Subscribers List

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A targeted list of subscribers is the most important ingredient of an email marketing campaign. Unless you know the people who are interested in your service, your campaign will remain futile. Emailing unknown people put your campaign at the risk, as anonymous mails are mostly ended up in the junk folder. This skyrockets email bounce rates and shrinks possibilities of recipient engagement.

If you want to expand your audience outreach via email marketing, you need to grow your subscribers list by leap and bounds. Following are some incredible ways to do it.

Sign-up forms on the website:

To engage customers longer and get them back to your website quite frequently, give them the opportunity to sign up for your monthly newsletter or subscription without making a transaction. Request them if they would like to sign up for future updates from your website. Hubspot had written an exhaustive article covering the key methods that help grow your email list.

This has been the most preferred method opted by content marketers in order to have a bigger subscribers list. Put up a big call-to-action button on your website for subscription and ensure it is visible across the website regardless of the page a visitor is at. In addition, you can also consider including a link to subscribe in the signature line of your mail.

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Request your customers to sign-up after the transaction: 

A purchase made on your website itself indicates that your buyers have trust on you. That means, they will likely come again to buy from you. It will be a great idea to keep them engaged with your subscription. At the bottom of the checkout page, along with asking for the payment details, you can ask for permission to send them email communications. Put the check box in an area that is easily visible.

However, you must convince them that if the permission is granted, they won't be bombarded with spam emails.

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Offer them freebies:

Freebies and irresistible offers can easily capture the attention of readers. Encourage them to sign up by offering them value adding content such as white papers, e-books or guides. Make sure whatever you are giving is of the top quality. This is the best way to get your first impression right.

Make them feel special:

Offer your subscribers special deals exclusive to them. This could be a 10% additional off on their next purchase or an opportunity to purchase a product before it's open for sale for regular customers. In either case, you may make them feel exclusive and special.

Don't Forget The Social Touch:

Give users options to share the email content to their community and circles. Include big social icons either on the top or at the bottom of the content. A word of mouth promotion is the best way to create audience outreach and grow your subscriber base. The more your emails are shared and forwarded, the faster your list will grow.

Add Personal Touch, Avoid Blatant Sales Pitch:

An email that looks like an ordinary one and merely a sales pitch can be a big turn off. If a customer receives so many of such emails to his inbox, he can unsubscribe your newsletter. This could be a jolt to your email marketing campaign. Instead pitching your sales pitch directly, generate content that contains some value and resonates with your customers.

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Adding links to articles from third parties or sharing references of your own expertise can help a lot in building credibility and goodwill. Remember the 4:1 rule that says – For every 4 content rich emails sent, you've “earned the right” to send a promotion focused email.

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