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Twitter Has Launched Retweet With Comment Feature For Users

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Twitter has always been eager to add additional features to make tweeting easier. This time, the social network has revamped its re-tweet feature. Now, while re-tweeting, users can add their comments to it to make their views more specific.

So far, it was quite tough to add comments to the re-tweets. The company has probably put an end to manipulate tweets to throw comments. Now you needn't to copy-paste a tweet's original text into a new tweet with a comment embedded into it.

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If you're a habitual Twitter addict, you must have noticed company's frequent efforts to make re-tweet feature visually more appealing. Recently, Twitter enabled adding photo previews on timelines. These little tweaks invoked an equal response from the users.

Image Credit: Mashable

Image Credit: Mashable

A good number of users were worried about the space these new features consumed. The occupied enough screen space, specially when users browsed Twitter on relatively smaller screens like their smartphones. For an instance, Photos or Vines that are retweeted appear much smaller than those in regular tweets.

Twitter is currently testing the feature with a selected group of users. The feature may go live in sometimes if flagged 'OK' by the Twitter engineers working on it.

- Twitter To Launch Retweet With Comment

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  • Chandan Puri

    This feature is currently accessible just for the web and iPhone app.
    When it would be able to accessible on android applications?

    • Arpita Sinha

      It will soon be available on Android and other mobile applications…

  • Lucky

    The feature can just quote one layer of tweets. In the event that somebody connections to a tweet that itself has a tweet in, clients will need to navigate to the post to see the first card.

  • Manoj Khanna

    Best thing is that now twitter’s new “retweet with comment” feature will gives you the platform to move beyond its original concept, allowing user to communicate in more detail. This new feature gives an official authority for posting longer retweets on the platform…

  • Daniel root

    This feature was i am searching for really long lastly it happened. Thanks twitter..

  • Monny paul

    Twitter already let users embed quoted tweets by cutting-and-pasting the UR, however ‘Retweet with comment’ gives you a chance to do that by simply pressing a button…