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Twitter Will Now Show Up Promoted Tweets In User Profiles

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Twitter is now thinking to go ahead with next level of advertising. The latest buzz is about Twitter's attempt to test a feature where it will display promoted tweets in user profiles. So, don't get amused if you next time spot a sponsored brand ad in your friend's profile.

This is something that Twitter has been testing.Technology magazine Recode reveals that the micro-blogging biggie is conducting a test to insert promoted tweets in user profiles. The magazine reported that the sponsored ads are specially meant to be inserted within the user profiles and not in with other content.

In addition to this, The ad units will be clearly separated by a break in the stream, followed by a label “suggested by Twitter”.

A Twitter official spoke to Recode and said:

We’re experimenting with this feature, as we do with all our ad features, in order to create great experiences for our users, advertisers and partners.”

As the ads are targeted to push into user profiles, they will only be served to the users who are logged in. You won't be able to see the ads if you're a guest visitor or logged out of your account. Though, it's a shortcoming in the test so far, Twitter assured to look into it if test becomes successful.Currently, the promoted ads will be shown only in the non-verified twitter accounts.

-Twitter Testing Promoted Tweets In User Profiles

  • Manoj Khanna

    I think one offense in this feature that it will appear only in the non-verified profiles. It should display in verified profiles also, it can aid Twitter in getting the cherished results more easily. All this seems a targeted Twitter strategy to monetize the platform as much as possible. But why the left out verified users, they should answer this…

  • Anant Singh

    I think even took for some thing to happen. A bad is that the twitter don’t start the option for the user himself could earn some thing with this type of sponsored advertisement.

    But they’re the owners and they make a decision what to put or not there.