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Twitter Rolls Out Group Messaging And Video Capture

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Twitter, the largest microblogging site has been rolling out two new features in its feature list. The new features to be added are – a video player and group messaging. With the latest additions, Twitter is all set to offer its users an enhance experience. The features added will be very helpful for users and brands. Let's sneak into the features briefly.

Twitter Video Feature.

Though, it took so long for Twitter to add this feature, they finally did it. Now, the users can post up to 30-second of video clips to their time line. The videos will play when user tap onto it. The video feature is currently available for Twitter's iOS and Android Apps. In addition to posting videos, users will be able to edit them right in the app timeline. The feature comes as a big help for the content marketers, journalists and influencers as they now can show up video clips of breaking news, events and tips to their target audience.

Twitter Direct Group Message.

The feature is a new addition to Twitter's direct messaging utility. With the feature twitter aims to set the challenge for popular chat applications WhatsApp Messenger and WeChat. With this new feature, users will be able to engage in a group chat with up to 20 people at at time. When a user adds somebody to the chat, that particular user gets a notification for the same. However, the people within the chat are not required to follow one another for initiating the chat.

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