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Top Web Designing Trends in 2013

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We are almost approaching mid of the year with a number of technical advantages and additions in the Web Designing Services spectrum. During the year passed, we have observed a number of notable trends in designing and this year too we were going to welcome a few more and some already existing trends. Let's find out what's happening in the web designing services domain this year and ahead.

Top Web Designing Trends Ahead

In response to the growing emergence of the online business place, methodology, tools and technologies available in the web designing verticals have also been dramatically altered by the professionals. Most of the adopted technologies are placed to improve the user experience. Let's enlist and understand the trends one by one.

Responsive Web Design Is Going To Sustain:

This is no exaggeration at all if I am stating so. You have already witnessed the revolution it introduced to the designing spectrum. I will however add that the entire phenomenon of responsive and Corporate Website Design will go through some changes. With the advent of iPhones and iPads, it will be established using certain breakpoints during the design. Now designers will be more focused on the website design with breakpoints of all types rather the size of the devices.

Focus On Typography:

A bit technical in nature but certainly a buzz to talk about. Till now, web designers have always been focused on the various components and building blocks of the designing such as Javascript and HTML. The changes in the domain have established a new dimension of typography as a central web designing idea. Now web designers have introduced typography and layouts that are based on content. In the near future, you will be surprised by seeing more and more innovations in the typography.

Bye Bye Flash:

If you already have gone through the speculation that Flash is taking its last breath, you can believe on your ears. I feel bad for the SEO's who love to infuse efforts in optimizing Flash websites. I have two reasons to state behind the Flash funeral. One is its complexity to get updates and other is availability of even more robust tools like HTML5/CSS3, JavaScript, etc. to replace it with same capacity.

Big Images To Improve Visibility:

To the best of my surprise, thumbnails will be replaced with the images of monster size in the coming months. Although, a big image takes a good amount of bandwidth and data use while uploading, I am looking forward to this trend as it seems a great boost to the web visibility and user experience.

Social Media Integration Will Lead:

Web promotion has already been dominated by the social signals. I think this is the right time to move even beyond. Sharing, tweeting and commenting is growing older. Now, I am very positive about new explosions in social signals this year. These signals now will be available based on media content. Social signals like pay-by-tweet and pay-by-status have already in the race and now new social signals in the form of Instagram and Pinterest are exploring the horizons.

New Color Schema For Website Designing:

One more thing that will lead the Web Designing Technology front this year is the color scheme. A number of websites have already been dominated the front with new color palettes and schema to design static / dynamic websites and mobile apps as well.

Era Of Mobile Apps To Replace Mobile Browsing:

Recently Facebook has launched its application to let users browse Facebook irrespective of the devices and compatibility. Now, companies are looking forward to the websites apps that work on all mobile devices. Most of the time I get an idea that the Twitter and Facebook apps offer a more comfortable browsing experience to the users rather real browsing on this website.

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Govind Singh
Govind Singh Says:

Great round up of website Designing trends! Trend are changing and so do the thinking, people like new features being implemented in the website that they have never seen before and which make them consumed in your website.Very informative post!! Thanks

Sumant Singh
Sumant Singh Says:

Designing tools are revolutionized at a greater extent and I am quite sure in coming months we’re going to see highly sophisticated web designing techniques at work. Changes are inevitable indeed.