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Top Mobile SEO Tips

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Mobile SEO Tips

With the advent of mobile websites, online promotion of businesses and services have become easier. Experts believe that for a number of websites, responsive website designing is not a feasible option to work on. You can therefore work on various Mobile SEO aspects to promote your online ventures in the online business domain. A mobile site acts differently with its components in compared to a traditional desktop site. This is why an SEO Expert takes different route when it comes to optimize this website. Although there are numerous ways to accelerate the optimization route let me illustrate some of them that plays a significant role during the process.

A Comprehensive Mobile SEO Blueprint

When you start working on an illustration SEO strategy, information architecture is the first thing you must consider. When you prepare a mobile website you have an opportunity to provide users a better browsing experience. All you have to work on certain facets and techniques elaborated below.

Check The User Intent:

Before finalizing the structure of a mobile website you should try to understand the overall intent of the website. You must ask your visitors the experience they are having with a desktop website and whether or not they willing to change the trend. And if yes, what will be the terms. To check the user behavior and user traffic to your website you can use web analytics solutions available in the market.

Work On Web Usability:

It's not everything to having a mobile website but ensuring it a user oriented is more important. You have to give your visitors a solid reason to visit your website. I will therefore suggest you to add more mobile specific and user-oriented features to the website to attract more and more visitors to your website.

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Work on 'Redirects' :

It is very important to understand that you must serve your mobile website visitors a correct version of the website. What I will suggest you to use redirects based on the user agent. When you set redirects on the basis of user agent detection, when someone visits the desktop website of yours on a mobile he is redirected to the mobile version of the same. From the SEO services perspective, use server-side redirects (301s or 302s) rather than Javascript redirects. Javascript causes a cliff in the load time. You need to make sure that make sure that if a user clicks on the mobile link, he will be redirected to the desktop version of the same website. Remember these quick tips on redirect.

  • Use only 301 or 302 redirects.
  • Don’t redirect all desktop pages to the mobile homepage.
  • Try to use ‘mirrored’ URL structures
  • Avoid duplicate content, use a special mobile rel=’canonical’ tag.

Take Advantage Of Google Analytics:

Tracking website statistic is another important aspect of the mobile SEO. If you haven't yet added tracking code in your mobile website, do it now. Web analytics solutions such as Google Analytics Tool used to keep track on the user behavior on your mobile website. Analytics is probably the best solution that helps to understand the user behavior across the mobile websites.

Follow On-Page Optimization Strategies:

This is the functional part of the mobile site optimization that you need to work on during the process. Keep in the mind certain primary factors that play a significant role during the optimization. Since a mobile screen is smaller in size, there are fewer characters displayed in the SERPs. You should therefore format your meta tags in a mobile-friendly style. It is becoming increasingly vital to target your keywords specific to target mobile traffic. Remember that a user of the desktop version of our website has a different perspective to pursue than the user of a mobile version of the website.

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