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Top Features Of CRE Loaded Hosting

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For all those who have an online business using shopping cart facilities, CRE loaded is a tool that helps them to manage their online transactions. Being a leading and well-known open source eCommerce software suite, it enables online stores globally to improvise their business endeavors. Recently, CRE Loaded announced its new hosted eCommerce software packages to complement its flagship Professional and B2B shopping cart software. This platform in particular offers a range of features to users beyond transaction security and privacy. CRE Loaded Hosting providers delivers best of this powerful eCommerce platform to the respective clients on demand.

The Most Popular CRE Modules

The CRE Loaded extends a number of business advantages to the individuals and business owners in a row. It is available with several highly compatible and suitable templates that help you in putting an online store easily. If you are new with this innovative shopping cart solution, read between the lines and get the idea why this software is so popular. For the users, CRE loaded has a number of solid modules in its kitty. Need not to add that all these modules add more to the functionality of the entire shopping cart and add more to the user experience. Available both in Linux Hosting and Windows hosting platforms, these modules are very helpful in reducing the intensity of efforts you need to do while installing the setup. Most of the modules available are easy to install and configure and tested on stringent quality tests.

Notification Module:

This module indicates numerous notifications throughout the transaction specially sets 'Notify me of updates to this product' to 'ON' for every individual product after the completion of transaction.

Banner / Message Modules:

Alike its other counter parts such as Magento Hosting, the banner module reflects a new banner to customers every time they checkout after a particular purchase. Similarly the message module displays a specific message every time a user completes the transaction

CDS Module:

Known as content directory module, it integrates advanced page management features of a CMS with CRE Loaded shopping cart application.

FDMS Module:

Known as File Distribution Management System Module, it is designed to ensure perfect and incredible management of downloadable media files.

Order Status Monitor Module:

The order status module offers a robust and very specific order prevention monitoring against the fraud.

Beyond above, there are plenty other modules as well that help users to simplify the process. These modules include:

  • Communication Bundle - Module 
  • Order Status PRO Monitor – Module
  • Recover Abandoned Carts - Add-On 
  • SEO URLs - Add-On 
  • Shipwire Pro - Module 

Top CRE Loaded Features

Apart from these modules, with CRE loaded, a Web Hosting Company does offer a number of other features to the users as well. These features turn the functionality more vibrant and user specific.

Customer Management:

CRE loaded delivers a specific set of customer management terms with complete control on the user experience. Here you can categorize the customers on the basis of groups, controls and products they purchase.

Order Management:

This is another innovative feature that helps users to manage and rationalize the process of control management in the most feasible way they want.

Customization Features:

As name tells customization helps to change the site design by using different templates. With CRE loaded you have over the hundred templates that you can install with multiple designs on your shopping cart site. You may also allow customers to choose from one.

Maximum Security and Privacy:

Finally, this is the most important aspect of the CRE loaded is its privacy and security features it offers to the users. These security features are pre-installed in the package and enables various hosted acceptance payment services with full security.

Most of the web hosting companies that offer the service make sure that all the package is available to the users in the form of free and easy installation, SSL Certificates, high speed hardware and last but not the least with an option to provide round the clock troubleshooting support.

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