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Top 7 Web Designing Trends To Watch Out For In 2017

Tarun Gupta | Dec 29th, 2016 | Web Designing

The year is on the verge of passing with a buzz. For web designers, the year was amazing. We have seen awesome websites enriched with myriad of new designs and web styling elements. As the year is set to passing off peacefully, we are expecting some awe-inspiring website designs to appear in 2017.

Web Designing Trends For 2017:

Though, the Year is yet to knock off officially, we have seen new trends already started dominating. The article ropes in 7 possible trends that we can see in 2017.

1. Content will regain the focus-

In 2017, we will see content gaining its momentum back. Despite knowing its significance, we pushed it away for a while just to add other components in websites. Our frenzy to embellish website with sidebars, headers, banners and signup boxes occupied the space that was actually meant for content. This left websites in complete scarcity of content and resulted in a cluttered user experience. Besides, the compressed content failed to serve the purpose it was curated for.

In 2017, content will come back to the power. We have already seen websites started focusing on content by removing distractions at the most possible extent. We are hopeful that once the core of a website, i.e. content, regains its power, things will move forward better.

2. Flat Design Will No More A Trend:

Experts believe that flat website designs have now reached at a point where new and maiden ideas are almost impossible to conceive. Beyond that, designers have left with no space where they can deploy their personality and creativity in design. The drawback with the flat design was that as soon components were stripped back to normal, every flat website looked alike.

So, in 2017, designers will most probably take a break from flat website designs. They will again infuse persona and creativity in their website designs to produce a great website that will be more imaginative and unique.

3. Geometric shapes, lines, and patterns:

You might have noticed the use of geometric shapes, lines and patterns in late 2016. The trend will continue to swim recklessly in 2017 as well. There are a lot of ways in which webs designers have consumed these shapes and patterns in the websites. In New Year, you can integrate geometric shapes, lines, and patterns into your website in thousand ways. We are sure- such designs will continue to grow in 2017.

4. Creative heading styles:

We are already seeing a transition where basic heading style is moving toward imaginative or creative headings. This change in heading style is all set to add uniqueness and creativity in existing heading styles. Designers have already started experimenting with these heading styles.

Be it a change in justification and layout of the heading, addition of unique elements to the heading, or even going without a heading, there are multiple way outs in which designers are experimenting with changing up heading styles.

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5. Increased use of animation and GIFs:

2017 appears to be an era where GIFs and animations will be ubiquitous for spreading information. There are visible trends coming afloat where websites relying heavily on these web elements to show how something works, how to do something, or otherwise showcase some really useful content. GIFs were already in practice, but now will become handy for designers who want to achieve unique design elements for their websites.

6. Navigation will ease out:

As we are increasingly becoming mobile inclined society that access web pages via mobile devices, developers and designers will focus more on compressing the navigation scheme to make browsing via mobile devices easier. We are anticipating less complicated and shorter navigation routes for users on websites. More and more websites are already adapting to a navigation flow down to about four to five items. The shorter navigation route helps visitors to find a way off the intended page quickly.

7. Landing pages will be crucial than home pages:

As marketers produce engaging content and share it more with the audience, 2017 will see a steep rise in landing page designs, besides the native home page. The trend looks impressive with visible rise in content marketing where marketers will want to direct traffic to dedicated landing pages in order to target their visitors.

Being a marketer, I am sure that landing pages will be buzzword in 2017. They will help marketers to increase awareness and conversions by letting visitors landing on a page strictly made for them.

Image credits: The Next Web

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