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How To Begin Digital Marketing Within The Set Budget?

Tarun Gupta | Aug 11th, 2016 | Pay Per Click
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Reaching out to your target audience isn't an easy job. It requires tested strategies and proven efforts. If you're a startup, it becomes more of an uphill task as you've set limited budget for the campaign. As the competition in the digital marketing getting fierce by each passing day, your marketing budgets need to go up. This is why, beginner startups should step ahead with calculated moves in terms of budget and resource.

I can share with you some digital marketing strategies that could deliver better results even within limited budget. They can help you market your brand on a budget.

Check Out Blogging

I found blogging to be the most affordable way to grow your market penetration. Among many inexpensive options, blogging is one you can bank upon. You can set up a company blog either by your own, or may opt for some experienced yet affordable blog management firm. Just set up a blog and start posting amazing value adding content that resonates to your audience. Ensure that you post long form content for a specific set of audience. Educate and inform them about your services and how those services make change in their lives. Better you connect, better will be the chances of conversion.

Use Social Networks

Socializing with people pays up dividends and improves chances of your brand being recognized. This is another popular method you can choose to market your brand in low or no budget. Create connect with the people on the social networks who may likely have an interest in what you're offering. This is how you can leverage social media for free:

  • Begin with a conversation
  • Engage audience into a constructive discussion around the product
  • Tell them why your offerings are better
  • Clinch the deal

Besides using social networks for free, you may use their paid services for reaching out to your audience. Free versions have their own limitations, thus, you may consider their advertising platforms. LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter offer their advertising services to beginner startup they can get started for as little as $5 per day. If your budget allows, you can give it a try.

Try Out PPC, But With Caution

Paid search marketing could be an option if you've some budget allocated for it. Though budding SMEs don't avoid indulging in such advertisement bids since it doesn’t serve any purpose for those on smaller budgets. This is one of the surefire methods of digital marketing. The PPC strategy however has a strong learning curve, so you shouldn't opt for it quickly or without considering many factors associated with it. Don't jump into PPC bandwagon unless you have spent few years in business promotion.

E-mail Marketing

Email marketing is another key strategy, remain prominent in digital marketing. This is one of the easiest way of creating a direct connect with your target audience. It starts with building filtered and targeted email list and sending up exclusive content to your target audience.The process is quick yet takes time to realize. The USP of email marketing - Send right content to right people at the right time.

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Hilton Wood Says:

Very good information and useful for the professionals as well.. I think Socializing with people is the best way to market your brand in low or no budget.!

Karen Axelton Says:

Optimizing your site to make it more search engine friendly is also another digital marketing channel that you can use to gain more targeted visitors for your business in low budget. SEO proved itself to be a powerful medium for any business because of its capability of providing your site the visibility that it
needs online….