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Tested Social Media Marketing Strategies

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In a recent social media marketing report in late 2012 a very interesting fact came to me. The minutes of the report suggested that approximately 83% of the internet marketers and online business owners do believe that social media is a very important tool to their business. They are also working on an intrinsic plan to increase their reach on important social media platforms. This recent report indicates the percentage growth of social media use by the online ventures worldwide.

  • YouTube (76%)
  • Facebook (72%)
  • Twitter (69%)
  • Blogs (68%)
  • Google+ (67%)
  • LinkedIn (66%)

As more and more companies are articulating the use of social media management in their marketing and communication plan, an ethical and working SMM strategy is the primary inclusion they are looking forward to. Without an ingenious strategy, it's tough to achieve your online business goals. I am expounding here some of highly compelling social media marketing tactics that are going to set the milestone for the business endeavors.

Develop A Strong Social Media Strategy

I would however stress on certain pre-requisites before bringing out the details of every single social strategy. These are three basic notions you will love to know that.

  • Social media has nothing to take with the hard sell. It's all about engagement, engagement and engagement.
  • Don't do it because everyone is doing but to it because it has enough substance to pace up your business and may be the best part of your communication strategy.
  • If you are reluctant to invest capital, leave social media. It is a long-term commitment and demands dedicated resources.
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Now let me elucidate the major strategies that serve an opportunity to execute your purpose.

Fix Your Social Business Objectives:

SMM Objectives

What I find largely interesting is that businesses start their social media campaigns without determining their business motive and aspirations and then end up with major branding and revenue issues. It is important to understand your business goals to turn your campaigns effective and non-volatile. I would however emphasize to you to be specific, realistic with your goals and keep them relevant and measurable.

Social Media Research:

Doing a bit of research before launching your social media campaign is a very ideal step I will suggest you. It is very easy indeed. Make a list of the available social media website. Take a sip of hot coffee in your study and find which one of these social media bandwagons is going to fit in your motives. Every single social network such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest etc. has its own user engagement behavior. Dig deeper on these websites and find which one is more beneficial for your business goals. I am enlisting the points that you can search to improvise your social media strategy.

  • Search for competitors
  • Search for target keywords
  • Search for the relevant conversations
  • Search for the influencers
  • Search for your key audience

Establish Connections:

This is the third phase of your SMM strategy. Subscribe to the content mediums, communities and groups prepare a list of the influencers who are directly or indirectly relevant to your business model. There are millions of people playing around the social networks. I bet there are a huge number of targeted audience out there you are looking for. Go ahead with making connections.

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Start Conversation:

Till now you have done good on the forefront of research and connection building. Now start a conversation with the audience you have established. Participate in a worthy communication with the target customers by posting comments on blogs and forums and involving question and answer forums of Yahoo. Go to Facebook post on your page and request users, groups and communities participate with you. You may do the same with Twitter, LinkedIn and MySpace as well.

Measure Results:

Without accurate measurement your strategies go nowhere. There are a number of free and paid tools available that help Digital Marketing services experts to track the results of SMM campaigns. The resulting measurement answers a number of questions pertaining to

  • Increased brand presence
  • Increased positive sentiment
  • Development of future partnership opportunities
  • Increased traffic to your website

Only a nicely articulated and conceived SMM plan can conquer the battle. You may however subscribe the services of a Professional SEO company India put the things right order. Beyond all, the relevance of social media is growing with each passing day thus an organization can leverage its true potential by relying upon a solid foundation of engagement, communication and effort.

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    We use social media promotion for only brand creation and promotion. Social media websites are easy way to promote and create relationship with your fans, consumers etc. It clears the relationships between both.

  • Prashant Kumar

    The above statistics is the big example of this how powerful social media has become now a days. I bet in upcoming years, I can foresee that almost every businesses will invest on social media.
    By the way thanks for sharing this great stuff on social media.