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The Snooker Championship

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Brainpulse organized an in-house, company sponsored snooker championship in the second week of May. The management received bulk participation requests from the employees and raised a handsome amount of Rs 10000 for the winner and Rs 5000 for the runner up of the game. The very nail biting competition was played in the format of league matches, quarter finals, semi finals and grand finale with a big crowd of enthusiastic audience to motivate and cheer up the participants.
The snooker gallery, where the match was played, witnessed a fierce yet some exceptional piece of competition throughout the play. Most of the players faced first or second round exit and rest were moved to the next rounds of the game by winning their respective matches. Our MD Mr Tarun Gupta surprisingly shown his snooker sense and emerged as the titan of the titans. He secured his place retained from the very first round of the game and not a single match loss was added in his kitty. The climax ridden finale was played between our sales executive Mr Anuj and Mr Tarun in a packed audience passage. After a 49 minutes of racking snooker fight, Mr Tarun clinched the game and declared the winner of the prize money.
Prize ceremony was held at office reception where Mr Tarun appreciated the overwhelming response for the event and assured recurrence of more alike events for the employees in times to come.

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