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Technical Reasons Behind Slow Panda 4.2 Update : Google

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A week ago, Google has started rolling out its Panda 4.2 algorithm update that impacted about 3-4% of English language queries. As reported, the roll out was slow and most of the webmasters didn't notice it in beginning. Google received millions of queries from webmasters regarding the updates and its speed.

Now, Google's John Mueller has finally stepped in to douse the fire. In a Google Hangout, John answered several questions specially why this update running slower than normal. He said the roll out is very slow and taking months because of internal technical issues. It shouldn't be taken as Google's attempt to confuse SEOs and webmasters.

Throughout the conversation John tried to clear the air and succeeded. He said that Panda 4.2 update is similar to its predecessors and due to some technical reasons, it's rolling out a bit slower. He added that Google isn't trying to trick webmasters in any manner.

He continued that Google is crawling and indexing normal as usual. The update is sorting low and high quality content to distinguish and recognize higher quality and lower quality sites. Every thing is going in a normal pace, all that is making the difference is some technical reasons and and an internal issue on Google's side.

Many webmasters want to see quick results but with the Panda 4.2 slow rollout, it seems impossible. It can take months and months for a site to fully see a positive or negative impact of the algorithm.

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Lokesh Bravo Says:

I get it is rolling out slow to cover a few strategies that Google doesn’t need to be perceived to fast by seo-communuty. Slow roll-out is strategic…

Hilton Wood Says:

There isn’t any effect of this upgrade as the update is going in a moderate way.

Chris Ronald Says:

I believe this update is going to hurt numerous sites as the update is as of now in testing stage which will take a month to finish.

Sameer Kapoor Says:

The slow rollout also means that measuring changes to ranking and search traffic will be more difficult than in earlier updates, as it’s difficult to know when and if the algorithm will influence your site….

Chad Harris Says:

very similar to these comments- it seems to me it is almost off again/on again. Tracking 500 keywords day over day/ week over week it seems that depending on the flux- depends on the ranking which almost follows mozcast. The long will seem to be the more painful for anyone trying to run an online business.


Waiting for the results of this update….

Anny Joe Says:

It will take time to start working….