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How Can You Sustain Your SEO Rankings? 3 Quick Tips.

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You may have achieved top position in Google search rankings, now the real task is to maintain it further. You've worked hard and don't want to let that magic go. Businesses put efforts to bring consistent source of traffic. A website without traffic is serious dent on your conversion efforts. Unless you have a bunch of loyal and long term customers, you will fail in having a good rapport with seo rankings. It will further diminish your visibility in search engine queries.

Once you earn top position in Google search result pages for a particular keyword, it goes tougher to sustain the top spot. This is because the world of SEO is constantly evolving, and marketers like you need to stay up to date with the latest trends. So, what you can do to maintain the spot? Here are some points that you could consider to safeguard your website from potential algorithm updates and keep it a top SEO rankings.

Update Your Website Regularly:

A website accommodates many components. It includes design, content, images and videos. Among the list, content comes on priority as Google considers both content quality and content freshness as part of its seo rankings algorithm. Keeping your site current is something you must do to maintain your ranking. While updating the site, don't only stick on the text. Rather, update the article / content using relevant videos and images around the performing keywords. It apparently improves the reader experience and entice people to link to your website. Start improvising the visual appeal of your website. Optimize the site layout to reduce bounce rates.

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Speed Up Your Site:

Your website speed is now a significant seo rankings factor. Still, websites have been failed miserably to comply with loading speed requirements. They still don't load really fast, specially on mobile. And, at the times when most of the searches are made on mobile, this could be worrisome. On world wide web, about millions of blogs or posted every day, so if your website doesn't load faster, readers will start looking for other websites. You needn't to be a geek for making your website load faster. You can see it happen by:
  • Opting a faster and reliable hosting service
  • Using images compressed
  • Leveraging a content delivery network (CDN) to increase download speeds

  • To know, how your website is doing at speed front, you can try out Google page speed insights. The tool helps you identify the specific issues slowing down your website load time and suggest ways to fix them.

Improve Your Inbound and Outbound Linking Strategy:

It's always important for a website to have inbound and outbound links. They're equally significant as backlinks indicating to your website. A website that sends outbound links to authority brands in niche, gets relevancy and boost in rankings. While doing external linking, make sure that the external pages you’re linking to provide relevant, valuable content to your readers.

Similarly, internal linking helps maintain your keyword rankings. When internal linking is done properly, it helps search engines to better understand the importance and topical focus of each page. Keep in mind not to overdo it by adding a plethora of links to your existing article content.

  • Saurabh Panday

    Title tags have been an element in SEO for over a decade, they are still an extremely important part of any battle. Writing a good title tag should read more like a newspaper headline than a bunch or keywords, so keep it descriptive, but of course, still with keywords included.

  • Syal NI

    Content was, Content is and Content will be the way to success in Seo rankings. Regardless, how great you are at online networking, getting links or onpage, You will loose the game if the content is not up-to the mark..

  • Sharad Sharma

    Well these are very effective SEO techniques and tips. I always look for white hat SEO. Looking forward to apply these in my website.