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Sure Shot Digital Marketing Strategies Amidst Changing Trends

Tarun Gupta | Oct 14th, 2015 | Digital Marketing Resources

The digital marketing industry has changed in recent years, errrrrr... dramatically changed. The changes in the trends appeared so frequently that marketers have started terming the industry impulsive, erratic, and volatile. Keeping the pace with that change and maintaining balance between the outgoing and incoming trends is a hard nut to crack.

Digital Marketing Is A Changed Thing, See How:

But thankfully, these trends aren't such hard to handle. If you're capable to identify current trends, prepare an actionable strategy and move forward with a motive, you can win. I am listing here some strategies that you should keep executing over the next few months and that can add an edge to your digital marketing campaigns.

Ranking isn't everything folks

After a decade of domination of Google search rankings for business growth and visibility, it's time to think beyond. Keeping top rank for freaky keywords in Google isn't everything now. That doesn't mean I am undermining Google's monopoly, but after over a decade of domination, it's losing up. See around and you will find a plethora of alternatives to pace up your campaigns beyond running sole search engine optimization campaigns. Users are now smarter than ever. Stop consuming all your energy in search engine optimization alone as users have other options too to find stuff what they want to see. Changing mode of interactions would be leading the front in the future.

Mobile, mobile and mobile

The masses are now digital. For an instance, every American has a mobile phone. The number of people browsing sites over the internet is growing like a Tsunami. So, the catch is visible. Tapping the mass potential of mobile users is something that marketers should look into. They need to focus on the areas of mobile apps, mobile conversion and mobile search. I mean, mobile is now the mass tool of communication, thus, should be a priority for marketers.

Tapping the social conversion

You are already familiar with the power of social networks and their role in digital marketing strategies. It will be evolving as ever. Social conversion will emerge as the brand new trend for marketers. Amidst piling up of so many social networks, it would be decisive to know how to use them for leads and business. For marketeers running ecommerce or lead generation portals, for example, social conversion would be a game changer. Most of their efforts will revolve around searching social conversion channels and ways how to bring people to the website and convert them into buyers.

New payment methods to arrive

While making payments online, transaction security is the major concern for the buyers. The time has come when new and improved payment methods will take over the existing one. Payment modes with improved safety, security and privacy features will ripple effect on online payment and e-commerce sites. However, telling and convincing buyers about these new methods won't be easy, thus, it's up to digital marketers to assure the buyers and create a passage for transition

Paid advertising is still the key

Paid advertising isn't going anywhere, as of now. Whatever the marketing channel marketers will explore, paid ads will be there. Regardless of the business you run, you need to pay for the advertising spots on the channels you use. Adverts of alternative, forms may join the bandwagon in future, but they will cost money. Marketers may look beyond Google AdWords, but paid advertising would be a harsh reality, even in times to come.

Finally, content will be the king

Formulate X number of strategies or consume Y number of channels for accelerating your digital marketing efforts, without amazing content, all in vain. Millions of websites would be of no use without text. Content has always been the pivotal when it comes to begin communication, educate buyers or inform readers. The content is always referred to as the king and in the near future as well and can't be dismissed as a trend. The growing importance of content will bring the new genre of great content creators, including writers, developers, video producers, podcasts, and speakers.

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Raghav Roy Says:

These strategies include putting relationships in front of sales, and building connections instead of simply promoting products.

Chris Ronald Says:

Needful post for digital marketers. If we follow the above steps, we can ready to get more potential guests to our website. Content marketing and conversion optimization is the most important techniques, digital marketers should focus on upcoming years.