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Strategy To Tackle Google Sandbox Barrier

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Any website with a good Google PageRank and incoming links getting displayed for secondary search phrases and nowhere for the most important searches is expected to be lying in the Google Sandbox. Moreover, joining paid programs such as Google Adwords and Google Adsense does not prevent your site’s presence in the Google Sandbox.

Google Sandbox is a gruesome search engine barrier for all newcomers trying hard for the top 10 rankings in the SERPs. Implemented by Google, the concept of sandbox actually restricts new websites from acquiring high ranks on the result pages. On an average, unlike yahoo and MSN, all fresh website entries take around 6 months to get flashed among the top Google SERPs.

Why Google has the concept of delaying fresh websites?

Google does have a serious reason for putting all new websites on hold before allowing them to strive for the top most positions in the SERPs. There are many websites that use the black-hat practices such as bulk buying of links, creation of duplicate content or simply keyword wadding in order to acquire the high ranks. For such reasons only, Google has to penalize a few new sites, which suddenly acquire heaps of backlinks. Presence of such fake sites deteriorates the significance of search engine results. Hence, the sandbox effect works like a try-out phase for all fresh websites and through the practice of filtering and analyzing the sites. A precise SEO consultancy will be a great help therefore.

Content and good links:
Generally, it is the presence of good links and relevant content that secure website high ranks. Hence, ensure to get links only from reliable, trusted, authentic sources such as DMOZ, CNN, Fortune 500 sites, or other reputable places. Also, pay more heed to the links from .edu, .gov, and .mil domains since these domains are usually free from the trap of sandbox filter. Always work slowly and steadily with the process of link building services as otherwise, your website may have to suffer a few adverse effects.
Early launching:
Instead of following the conventional trend of launching the site only when it gets thoroughly completed, try to launch it during its initial phase only, with just two pages, so that the countdown can begin and time will run parallel to your site development efforts.
Try non-Google methods to increase traffic:
Always remember that Google is not the only search engine. There are many other popular marketing tools that you must concentrate on. Hence, plan your efforts with respect to other search engines also, which have no restriction of sandbox barriers or offer a relatively much shorter period of stay.
Used domains:
The sandbox effect is applicable more on fresh, new sites on new domains; hence, you may pick to buy old or expired domains and launch your new site there as this may bring you some leniency.
Not very keywords:
Any site jailed in sandbox does not mean that Google has not indexed it at all. In fact, one can easily get on the top ranks from the very initial phase by picking up certain less popular keywords. This may not be a very lucrative option but can draw some good results if you put in serious hard work.
Established host:
Another popular way is to have your new website hosted on sub domain of an already established host. New sub-domains have less chances of having sandbox effect for long, provided the domain is not blacklisted.
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