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Spam Detection Algorithm For Fake Google+ Reviews

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If you comprehend that Panda and Penguin were only pins pinned on the Google's notice board last year, let me take the charge and correct you. Google's spam detection algorithm is another blow in the same row for the SEOs and business owners. The update has taken the serious note on the growing number of fake reviews on some Google+ local pages. Although, a comprehensive advice for reviews and testimonial has already been notified on the T&C section of Google+, this step has been initiated to ensure more deterrence against these practices.

No Mercy For Fake Testimonials

Update' is probably the best word for the geeks who has nothing to take with SEO glossary. But for me and many SEO guys, it's a warning and stern warning indeed. Google seems tough finally on the fake testimonials posted on Google+ pages. In a recent press communication released from the Google's HQ, Matt Cuts quotes that he has advised webmasters and other concerned parties not to rely on the fake reviews and testimonials in any manner since Google+ counts only those reviews that come as a first hand account of the user. 

Only Fair Reviews Not Forced

The release also warns business owners against the practices where they ask customers to write a review or testimonial for a given service or product. The Google geek however suggests businesses to send reminder mails to buyers and request them to extend their reviews and testimonials as per their convenience. The update also comes tough on established practices where business owners allure visitors to write positive reviews and feedback in exchange of free gifts and discounts.

Give Negative Comments Fair Trial

Matt endorses the importance of positive comments on a Google+ business page but quotes further that Google has no mechanism indeed in-place to remove negative reviews from the page unless they defy the guidelines. He however recommends business houses to respond to these reviews from their own or subscribe services of an expert third-party reputation management experts if possible.

Google's Spam Detection algorithm emphasizes to write reviews for a specific location if business multiple existence on Google+. It warns people To not to write reviews for the company they are employed with and finally not to include links in the text of reviews. This is how Google attempts to take down the menace of fake reviews and false testimonials on Google+ pages.

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GovindSingh Says:

Yes great post and these are important steps from Google to keep spammers out. think they will come up with some genius idea for Fake Google+ Reviews or local search…

KapilKumar Says:

It looks pretty good post but unfortunately there is not any proof your comment that google going to do so. If it’s google really going to do it then webmaster have to think about it and would be appreciated if you could mention some solutions for the same :)

sumantkrsingh Says:

@kapil : This algorithm has already been placed. Google is talking tough on the fake reviews and its a mechanism to put lid on such practices.