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Social Media Trends to Watch Out for in 2020

Tarun Gupta | Sep 25th, 2020 | Social Media Marketing Resources
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Do you really want to make this year a year of endeavor on social media? Then you have to be aware of what trends are on the top of the list. With competition high, there are no less of platforms where you can invest your time and brain. Find here some of the overgrowing social media trends of the year 2020.

Top Social Media Trends to Watch Out For

No matter which platform you are spending time, the audience is what matters at last. To keep up to the expectations of the audience and give what they want you to have to watch out for the latest social media trends that are changing the face of digital marketing.

Audience will remain integral to the campaigns

Despite all the changes we have been experiencing in social media, audience and user generated content will remain integral. User generated content is still dominating all other trends we are talking here. As the craze for user generated content is skyrocketing, brands have to establish connections with their audience via engaging and enticing content.

A successful audience engagement strategy builds brand value and attracts more content flow in form of user experiences, reviews, comments and conversations. Brands that continue to engage audience with user-generated content photos are likely to gain more customer trust.

Marketers are reevaluating their metrics

The marketers now are looking at a sundry of metrics and try to determine what works and what doesn’t on social media. The removal of Facebook and Instagram like hasn’t completely shifted the focus on likes as a measuring stick for performance.

But this alone is not a deciding factor; brands need something far more than surface-level data to measure. Many social media marketers felt that social-listening is going to be crucial in 2020. With sentiment analysis and conversations, marketers are concerned about things said rather than how people react to a single post.

Ephemeral content will gain popularity

Ephemeral content is a type of content that is available only for a short period and disappears afterward. For example, Instagram and Snapchat are ephemeral content. The attention span of people is short and therefore likes to get content that is short, sweet, and engaging.

And due to this fact, people like to scroll through stories for hours. The social media marketers have noticed this trend and have started to include Instagram stories to promote their products and services. Research shows that around 64 percent of marketers use Instagram stories.

Private and interest-driven communities are spiking

The marketers are keener on building meaningful connections with the targeted audience rather that with anyone. Though brands have to reach many connections, only if the connections are valuable and show interest in the business will it be successful and worth the effort.

This is where private communities come into play. Brands speak to individuals who are interested in the field rather than hitting the wide demographics. This is mainly used to target and reach young consumers.

Video content is dominating

Video content is one of the most engaging types of content that is dominating social media and will continue to do so in the coming years. No matter whether it is short span videos like Instagram reels and stories or long-form videos like the one on YouTube, videos are the present and future of social media.

According to a study, around 82 percent of online content will be in video format by the year 2022. This emphasizes the importance of making video content for your brand and stay ahead in the competition. Also on social media vertical video is creating the buzz.

Influencer marketing is becoming the fad

Influencer marketing is not something new but it is not going to go out of trend any time soon. The social media platform is filled with tons of influencers who get paid a lucrative amount to promote various brands. It is a cheaper and delivering option for brands than running paid ad campaigns.

The influencer helps the marketers achieve a variety of different goals apart from just generating leads. The trend has reached a level where the marketers don’t just work with one or two influencers but they work with a whole network consisting of small, relevant, and niche influencers.

Use of social media for customer service

Once what was a platform for people to connect by sharing photos and videos have now become a retail platform and a product discovery platform. A lot of brands are recognizing social media to be a platform to deliver customer service.

This transition took place as many people tried contacting the brand via social media. Imagine fast-forwarding a few years, social media as a retail platform would have grown by a multitude.

Final words

Social media is going to be one of the ever-lasting platforms for digital marketing. If you want to scale your success on these platforms then leverage the trends that suit you and your business goals.

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