server security hacks

Malware attacks are now a regular affair that businesses and individuals are facing time and again. Recently, we have noticed a rampant increase in malware attacks and hacking attempts. These attacks have caused major damage to businesses and users alike in the form of revenue loss and sensitive data being compromised.

dedicated hosting

Before finalizing the deal with your host, you must have a plan how you want to see your website grow. While making a perfect plan for their business website, marketers quite often overlook a rather crucial aspect of the web hosting, and that is which hosting plan is right for their business.


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Why Data Centers Fail To Give Output

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Data Center

It isn't tough to manage and optimize the resource efficiency of your data center. There are several factors that need to be taken into the consideration while managing it. A single glitch in the management can create a serious outage.


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How To Choose A Server Colocation Provider

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SERVER Colocation

Hiring or renting data center space for server colocation is a decision that involves serious considerations. There may be specific terms you can clear with your service provider in order to ensure that the services they carry adhering growing business standards.


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Business Benefits of Dedicated Servers

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A dedicated server seems to be the best investment if you need to utilize your server resources in the most efficient and secured manner. However, it is quite necessary to implement certain security measures to make sure that your servers are in the safe hands.


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VPS Benefits For Small Businesses

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VPS Benefits

Virtualization generally deals with various aspects of rapid provisioning and reducing quotient of application workload. A service provider in the domain ensures improved IT responsiveness to fulfill business needs. It is very important therefore to include best resource and components in the virtual environment


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Data Center Operation and Management

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Data center Operation

If we think in the larger perspective, a data center must be designed to offer extended levels of availability, flexibility and scalability to various functions and operations. A business house has a precise motive behind the installation of a well-equipped data center.