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What’s Trending in SEO in 2013 : A Quick Look

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The year 2012 has witnessed huge hiccups and up and downs in terms of strategies and results. Google's Panda and Penguin became the front runners who told the industry to mend its practice. This year has already opened a window of introspection for the webmasters. The new challenges are wide open and SEO India has no other way but to face the heat. There are number of trends that will lead the ambit this year. Let's take them in account one by one.

# Adieu To Spammy Content :

This is what Panda told to SEO consultants and webmasters past year. A website has no value if it lacks in content quality and relevancy. Google has conveyed its final notice to webmasters explicitly that it's my way or high-way. Uniqueness and resourcefulness will be the key this year and year ahead.

# Author Rank Will Decide The Value:

Read more about AuthorRank. AuthorRank has introduced by Google as a pivotal metric in deciding SERPs. Although, it is under testing to measure its value, its competence and authority will lead the front in times to come.

# Social Signals Will Gain More Rapport :

This year and ahead will be the year of social signals. Thanks to the Facebook and Twitter. These factors have largely been accepted globally and SEO geeks are assured about the growing role of +1s, Likes and Tweets/Re-tweets.


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