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How to Get Ready for Search Engine Optimization in 2021

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Digital marketing is emerging as the most powerful form of marketing due to an array of reasons in the current era. With more than 4.66 billion internet users, there cannot be any that the immense potential for businesses to capitalize through internet marketing for any niche.

Search Engine Marketing Trends for 2021

So, SEO becomes the means to cash-in on this opportunity as the majority of the globe’s internet traffic is generated via such search engines. Significantly, Google is the present world’s leader, and marketers should know more about SEO as of 2021.

The undeniable impact of AI

BERT or Bidirectional Encoder Representation Transformers has been around for a couple of years now. It seems to be like it was the recent technology and potency it has for the future. It was developed and published by Google in 2018. It is a neural network-based technique for NLP pertaining.

To make it simple, it can help Google to decipher the content of the works in any search query. 37% of the business and organizations are already employed in AI. With this, the AI industry is expected to earn around $118 billion by 2025. So, you should be more advanced with the AI technology in the SEO strategies to win in the domain.

Build and accelerate UX

The User Experience is the highest of any purchased products or hired services. Besides, 88% of online shopping does not return after having a bad user experience. 70% of the online business fails due to poor UX. So, this signifies the importance of having good UX for the business.

Some major qualities to create the best includes focusing on the page speed, user-friendly URLs and sitemaps, terrific user dashboard for the registered members, adequate use of the white space, high-quality images and fonts, etc.

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Focus on the local SEO

When it comes to digital marketing, local SEO becomes an undeniable strategy. It is a great idea to target the local people in the geographical area. This has allowed the business to take advantage of and benefit from the local SEO. Some keywords like open, now, near me, have grown up to 200%. Adding to top of all, around 46% of SEO is from the local SEO.

Learn about the structured data

Structured data is becoming increasingly vital with digital marketing now. It will allow your content to be better and understood by search engines easily. Google will offer you the structured data testing tool. So, you can use to familiarize yourself with the concept.

Then, start applying the structured data from the landing page and website. It is the idea that helps in delivering the rich results from your website or landing page to appear on the top SERP ranking. A rich result undoubtedly gets more limelight and hence more attention from the users, which means the CTRs, will also increase tremendously.


52.2% of the overall traffic is through mobile phones. 61% of the consumers are most likely to purchase only from mobile-friendly ecommerce sites. 96% of the people use Google through their mobile phones.

So, these stats are more than enough to note the importance of the mobile-friendly site for enhancing the ranking of the sites. With 3.5 billion smartphone users around the world, you can never ignore the importance of mobile phones. So, start working to prioritize the website speed, make it in simple design, and make it responsive.

Focus on quality of the content

The content has always been the ruler in the digital market. It can be the written format, animated, or uses the video-audio format. The role of content is insignificant. 91% of the B2B marketers use content marketing to reach customers, and 86% of the B2C marketers consider content marketing as the key goal.

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So, look for the quality of the content, deliver the solution to the key points, present it in readable format, format them well, mention the stat and other necessary factors, etc. All these constitute more for the best content.

Video marketing strategy

People are fond of video these days. It is probably the most popular media consumed by online users. As of the survey, YouTube has over a billion users, and 82% of Twitter users are watching videos. With 30 million active daily users, the platform gets more than 1 billion videos watched every day.

So, it is one of the biggest areas where you have to concentrate more on grabbing the audience and ranking at the top of SERP ranking. Ensure your video is more unique, engaging, and understandable.

The Bottom Line

Almost every business in the universe is serving with an online presence is running after better and more improved SEO tactics. This helps them to have more lead generation and success in the digital platform. So, understand more about SEO as per the current trend and implement the right strategies to occupy the unique place. Also, work with constant effort to remain at the top position.

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