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It Was Just A Search Algorithm Tweak, Not A Major Update : Google

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Day before yesterday, there were chatter about a latest Google update in webmaster community. As day passed, that chatter in the SEO community triggered the noise. Majority of SEOs and Webmasters reported a possible Google update that have changed the rankings.

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But no one claimed any significant change in their search rankings. SEM experts from Search Engine Land measured several of their search metrics and denied any such update from Google Penguin and Panda Clan.

Now, Google finally broke its silence over possible speculations. A spokesperson from the company say that it was a normal improvement to their search algorithms as the web is constantly evolving place. Google's Gary Illyes said on Twitter that they can't explain more on what's happening. He added that Google makes hundreds of changes every year, and this one might be one of them.

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John Mueller, in a video hangout said that it was not a Panda update. He also denied that the fluctuation is in any manner associated to Wikipedia's decision to go HTTPS way. As a whole, it was a core ranking algorithm change, which did not impact much of existing rankings as it was being said.

- It Was Just A Search Algorithm Tweak : Google

  • Lokesh Bravo

    Does Google truly have unlimited updates to make?

    • Shweta Sinha

      It’s all a guessing game. Updates happen consistently as they test and change.

  • Julie Granville

    No changes here in the US to site(s) I monitor.