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Rackspace And Intel Come Together To Develop OpenStack

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Top-notch managed cloud company Rackspace and technology firm Intel join hands to develop enterprise features for OpenStack.

What Is OpenStack?

OpenStack is a set of advanced software tools used for building and managing cloud computing platforms for public and private clouds. It's backed by some of the biggest companies in software development and hosting and thousands of individual community members, They think that OpenStack is the future of cloud computing.

The possible venture would lead to the opening of the OpenStack Innovation center, designed to facilitate developers who contribute to OpenStack and to enhance the solution’s enterprise capabilities. Technology engineers and system specialists from both companies will work together at Rackspace’s San Antonio, Texas-based headquarters in the United States.

The possible venture on card will lead to the launch of the “world’s largest OpenStack development team” and the launch of course ware for Open Source developers who are contributing to the OpenStack project.

The project will be executed with combined efforts of the OpenStack Enterprise Work Group and the OpenStack community. The engineers for the project will be hired specifically for the activity. The project will include two 1,000 node clusters which can be used by the OpenStack community to test and develop new features.

Rackspace’s Senior Vice President of Product and Strategy, Scott Crenshaw said:

“We are excited to collaborate with Intel and look forward to working with the OpenStack community to make the world’s leading open-source cloud operating system even stronger. We don’t believe in creating proprietary OpenStack distributions. Rackspace delivers its customers four-nines availability using entirely upstream trunk code. All of the Innovation Center’s contributions will be made available freely, to everyone.”

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Gary Brich Says:

The project at last will make it simpler for solution providers and their clients to expend OpenStack

Daniel root Says:

Moving to an OpenStack stage was a rehash of how proficient we can be as a business.