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Quick Tips On Search Engine Reputation Management

Tarun Gupta | May 6th, 2013 | Digital Marketing Resources

When I observe or scrutinize my online position on search engines, I do it in two ways. First, I look for the ranking of my primary keywords and second, I perceive the keywords that if they are seeing the negative listings. Right here I am quite concerned with the latter situation. No matter whether the negative mentions are genuine or an intentional effort by one of your competitors, the matter that perturbs me is its impact on the online business.

Search Engine Reputation Management

Tackling negative online reputation is although big deal, you can handle it easily by using some intelligent and tangible efforts.

Start With Keywords:

Start the process of search engine reputation management with the keywords which are under the threat. The foremost step is to trace and collect all the keywords on which the negative results are shown. Usually an unhappy customer posts a negative comment with the name of the company and service segment. Then you can search the mention just by searching the particular keywords. Now when you find the keywords, it's time to play with them. The next priority is to push those keywords on the second or third page of Google. Since first page is the source of maximum traffic, pushing the mentions on other pages could be the better idea. Experts in the domain suggest several strategies to to bring down the negative results. Among those strategies, acquiring all the domains and TLDs and posting fresh and relevant content in support of the service are important ones.

Setting Up Content Mediums:

You should also set up a separate blog or hub page with your brand name and push up it with good content and text. If the internet marketing experts are to be believed, business blogs are one of the most important sources if you are seriously willing to take up the negative comments. If you tackle negative comments in right way, it will be far more easier to combat the menace. Experts in the Internet Marketing Service domain believes that content always plays a vital role. This is because a reader finds genuine and fresh content a great support for your service. You may therefore subscribe services of an experienced guest blogger or a content writing expert to write fresh and subject matter relevant content topics.

Improve Your Social Presence:

If your competitor next door is doing good on social platforms, what are you waiting for. If you are not yet registered on social networks like Facebook and Twitter etc. do it today. Profiles available on these social sites tend to come top in the search rankings. You can use this platform to promote your presence and diminish the negative mentions by putting your side of the store to the communities.

Increase Your Involvement:

There are a number of websites out there that assist you to elevate your Online Reputation Management and overcome negative listings and help you to improve your brand image. More you involve in different websites with your brand, more positive listings from these websites will appear higher on Google and other search engines. It will certainly push the negative results to next pages. You may participate on below mentioned websites for the purpose.

  • Video websites: YouTube and MetaCafe.
  • Social Bookmarking websites: StubleUpon, Digg and Reddit.
  • Hub pages and Squidoo lenses
  • Yelp and other review websites.
  • Guest blogging websites

The result of the activities performed on these websites is quite promising. If you practice these activities you can easily improve your negative mentions across the search engines.

Track Your Negative Reputation Online

Negative reputation is a big threat indeed for the entrepreneurs because if a customer finds negative mention about the offerings somewhere he will never visit the website / portal ever. Here I am looking this entire scenario as a person who own a business website. The negative listing a bothering situation when an individual or a rival of yours post negative or disturbing comments about your products or services. It not only damages your online reputation but also hurts the revenue and branding prospects. You may involve in a number of activities effectively to improve your online reputation.

  • Set up RSS feeds in Google Blog Search, Google News and Yahoo.
  • Set Google alerts to track results and mentions with the brand name.
  • Set search alerts in twitter account.
  • Use some very useful paid reputation tools like tracker, Brands Eye and Reputation Defender etc.

The activities I have listed above are not all from the rulebook but many are still left that you can use during the process. I have already tested many of them and experienced good improvement in the listings.

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