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9 PPC Campaign KPIs You Should Start Tracking Now

Tarun Gupta September 2nd, 2017 Pay Per Click no comments.

PPC Key Performance Indicator

KPI, popularly, 'Key Performance Indicators' is a known term across industry verticals. This metric indicates the health and performance of a given campaign and its internal elements. Alike, PPC KPI reveals how successful a campaign was and how well it performed.


Tarun Gupta
7 New AdWords Features Coming Soon To Its New UI

Tarun Gupta July 21st, 2017 Pay Per Click no comments.

The new and advanced AdWords interface is live for sometime, and marketers are now using New AdWords Features quite comfortably. The new interface has been rolling out to the advertisers gradually, and will be available to every one by the year end. The advertisers who have access to both the new and older versions can navigate back and forth between the two.

PPC Campaign

Your PPC campaign strategy shouldn’t be limited to the above. Go deeper into research and find how to utilize your dollars on campaigns. Remember, Google AdWords could be an expensive investment if done without looking all its aspects. I don’t see any reason to invest money in any channel if the ROI isn’t there.

google adwords

For PPC marketers, 206 has been a year with a mix bag of opportunities. The year will be in their mind for numerous changes and feature that they witnessed in PPC landscape. For both Google AdWords and Bing Ads, changes were made and equally appreciated.


Tarun Gupta
5 PPC Management Basics Every Advertiser Should Know

Tarun Gupta November 4th, 2016 Pay Per Click no comments.

ppc management

A service or product is meant for specific consumers who are located around certain geographical boundaries. They are likely to be your target customers. A campaign planning should start here. Start marking the locations where you can find most of your buyers.

Google AdWords

Google has recently announced a slew of new features in its latest AdWords Editor v11.6. Some of the brand new features added to the version 11.6 include device bid adjustments, two Gmail ad templates, universal app campaigns, scheduled downloads, and improvements to advanced search.


The cross device retargeting feature, however, will be limited to the signed-in users. Until now, Google mainly focused on solving the attribution problem of tracking conversion activity that span across several devices with metrics and reporting.


Like me, every second paid marketer loves to see higher ppc conversion rates for their ppc campaigns. However, we may have different opinions on the strategies that bring the results. There are marketers who prefer employing small, incremental adjustments, whereas some others bat for bigger tweaks to transform campaigns completely.