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Top 9 Google Ads Editor Features for Advertisers

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Top 9 Features of Google Ads Editor

The editor is a free to download application that can be downloaded and installed to install Google Ads campaigns. The best thing with Google Ads editor is that it lets advertisers save time and make bulk changes in their campaigns.


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7 PPC Trends to Watch Out for in 2019

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paid search trends 219

2018 was a year of major changes in almost all spheres of digital. Paid search wasn’t any exception either. We have seen an incredible shift in traditional advertising practices due to arrival of automation and machine learning.


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5 Google Ads Metrics You Should Monitor

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Pay per Click professionals take into considerations multiple numbers of Google Ads metrics to measure the growth of any campaign. Basically, objectives of a said PPC campaign determine which metric to use or not to use. Campaign objective dictates which metrics need to be reviewed and analyzed.


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Google Ads Starts Testing Call Recording Feature

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Google Ads Metrics

Google finally hears the long pending request of Ad Publishers. The company has started adding call recording and monitoring feature for the calls triggered by call extensions. The testing is being done for a small percentage of phone calls that are initiated by call-only ads or call extensions in the US.


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Google Rebrands Google AdWords as Google Ads

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Google, the search conglomerate has introduced few changes to its Google AdWords and other advertising products. The search engine giant rebrands Google AdWords as Google Ads. Alongside, the company has brought its advertising products under Google Marketing Platform and Google Ad Manager. With such significant changes in place, Google tries to woo both small businesses and enterprise-level advertisers.

PPC Campaign

You already have done a ton to bring the most fruit out of your PPC campaigns. This new year, go for a fresh tune up of your entire effort. A few tweaks could help you spice up your entire PPC campaign. The article brings forth some small but significant changes that you can do to charge up your campaign.


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9 PPC Campaign KPIs You Should Start Tracking Now

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PPC Key Performance Indicator

KPI, popularly, 'Key Performance Indicators' is a known term across industry verticals. This metric indicates the health and performance of a given campaign and its internal elements. Alike, PPC KPI reveals how successful a campaign was and how well it performed.