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Organic SEO versus PPC Management – Part -2

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In reference to my earlier article regarding SEO verus PPC Advertising, Let us move forward in understanding the up and downside of PPC advertising on the internet in contrast to organic seo.

PPC Advertising (Pay Per Click):

With the rising competition on this medium for quicker traffic to the website this medium is slowly and steadily becoming difficult to master and optimize. A closer look into the PPC advertising model will give you an insight in to the dynamics of PPC campaigns.

  • The cost per click of the keywords are rising day in day out, reaching upto 2-50$ per click, and is expected to go even higher in times to come.
  • Fraud click also takes a toll on your budgets as the competitors click on your ads, although these networks have algorithms to monitor but this cannot be fool proof.
  • A need of a PPC expert is slowly becoming mandatory adding to the cost of the campaign.
  • Management of the keywords and their cost per click is again a daunting task as you might be paying more than you are required to, as there are no defined rules for bidding cost per click.

PPC Bidding Management Advantages

I might have sounded very negative hear but with all the above facts there is an upside, but i would like to put that PPC is the rich mans way to traffic.

  • If you have the budgets ranging from 1000$ and above for a month you can benefit from PPC.
  • PPC campaign offer quick traffic if managed well by a PPC expert.
  • PPC campaigns also give an impression to the end user that you are spending money for the ad so you must be related.
  • PPC campaign can be highly targeted as you can select what keywords you wish to target, while these can be very competitive when it comes to organic search results.

In short how i would like to summarize the article is that if you have the money PPC is the way to go, and if you have the right SEO team to carry out your SEO then their is nothing like it.

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