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Android M Gets Operating System Security Warnings Feature

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If you're one who has Nexus smartphones or other on Android M operating system, Google is ready to snatch your worries of a device being compromised. To tackle the security threats, Google is all set to introduce a new security feature for upcoming Android M and Nexus devices.

In its support page, the mobile development company has listed the new Operating System safety feature warning. This will act as a boot verification system and checks whether there has been a security breach during each start up. The page reads:

“When you turn on an Android device, the operating system is checked to make sure that it's safe to use. This means that the code running on your device comes from a trusted source and hasn't been changed or corrupted.”

Google has come up with three colors Yellow, Orange and Red that specifically indicate the level of breach. The 'Yellow' message indicates that your devices has loaded a different operating system. The message appears in case of rooted devices as well.

The Orange message displaying on the screen means that your device software can't be checked for corruption. Red operating system safety warning on your screen during boot indicates that there's something really bad with your OS and that could lead to serious damage to your mobile apps as well. By showing the sign, Google says that “your device is corrupt” and that “it can be trusted and may not work properly.”

If in case Google recommends you not to use device and asks to restore the original OS, then the option is to do it or contact the device manufacturer’s support center. These operating system security warnings messages haven't been implemented yet but speculations are there that they will be a part of Android M that will be released in coming months.

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Karen Axelton Says:

Google is encouraging engineers to make their applications fit the new ideal model,, but Android M also has an approach to handle more seasoned apps that aren’t intended for runtime permissions…

Julie Granville Says:

This appears like it will be a headache for any individual who flashes custom ROMs

Hilton Wood Says:

Android M is giving clients more control of the information apps can get to, and this is a really positive step forward for Android.

Arpita Sinha Says:

Android M makes utilization of another capacity known as Doze to enhance gadget standby time. By using motion detectors, Android will perceive when gadgets haven’t been interacted with for some time, for example, when a man is sleeping or a gadget has been left on a table, to reduce background processes. It will save the battery life of smart phones.