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Mobile First Indexing will be Default for New Website

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Google already mandated mobile first indexing being the primary indexing method for websites. Now, the search engine giant has made a fresh ruling related to the update. The ruling said that the new websites that haven’t yet indexed to Google search will be indexed using mobile-first indexing starting on July 1.

Google’s Mobile First Indexing: What’s New?

The mandate doesn’t apply on older websites that are still not being indexed using mobile-first indexing. They will be spared from mobile-first indexing on July 1st. However, they will have to move to the mobile first indexing when those web sites are ready to move. This is what Google said in its statement:

“Mobile-first indexing will be enabled by default for all new, previously unknown to Google Search, websites starting July 1, 2019. It’s fantastic to see that new websites are now generally showing users – and search engines – the same content on both mobile and desktop devices.”

Mandate is for New Site Only:

Google’s new ruling will be applicable to new websites only that are yet to make it to the search for any reason. It won’t make any difference to the websites that have already moved over to mobile-first indexing. Older sites that haven’t made the migration will continue to be taken through desktop-first indexing.

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Google will keep monitoring the older websites and their pages to ascertain their readiness for mobile first indexing. They will be get notified through Search Console once they will be found ready for the transition.

No Notification to the New Websites:

As stated, mobile first indexing will be default for new website, so search console won’t say notifications the websites they are moved over.

Mobile First Indexing: Recall

We have so far written so many articles around mobile first indexing. Just for refresh, Mobile-first indexing is the way how Google crawls and indexes the web. With the update Google switched to mobile version of page from its desktop version for indexing purpose. This means, now Google is crawling and indexing web pages based on how it renders on a mobile phone.

Google usually sends notifications to the webmasters when their website(s) have moved to mobile-first indexing within Google Search Console. So if you have apprehensions whether you come under the criteria, check your messages in the Google Search Console. In the in the URL inspection tool you can also see a label saying when your site last crawled by.

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It’s recommended that webmaster should pay attention to their structured data and alt-text for images on mobile pages with this change. The crux is that if you have just started a website that doesn’t work well in mobile, then there may be issues with indexing and ranking in Google. If it’s the case, test your site and build them in a mobile-first manner.

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