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Mobile Content Marketing Ideas

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At this time at least I am not going to dig you in details what are the mobile sites and what they are doing for the entrepreneurs nowadays as all you fully aware of the revolution taking place. My intention here is to pull some ideas about the content one should post on the mobile sites. The reason being is that a mobile site is entirely different from the desktop version of a particular website. The content of mobile sites play a very crucial role in Internet marketing Service as the statistics say that approximately 64% of the Smartphone users use their mobile devices to go online 24x7.

How To Decide Your Mobile Content

Before putting your site on the podium you need to ensure that the content are thoroughly analyzed and filtered as per audience interest. It is essential for being a business owner to you to consider how your mobile content is distributed on the websites across the devices specially on mobile devices. If you haven't yet decided your content marketing plan for mobile devices, here are the tips that you can follow to do so. Take a sneak peak.

Understand The User Behavior On Content:

I never believe that a mobile is just a device for which I need to adjust my content marketing. Instead I feel that users behavior and context are two primary parameters need to be considered while planning the content. Every individual interact differently with his/her mobile device. For an instance you might love to play games and I enjoy to go through the world news at a point of time. What crucial and evident here is to understand how a user reacts with a phone at a given point of time. Once the user starts searching for the information he becomes inpatients. Therefore, you must design your content in the way he needs it.

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Think Before Reducing The Content:

As I have already mentioned that desktop visuals of the website is entirely different from what it reflects on the mobile device. The format, the resolution and the size of the mobile screen is very distinct and bit smaller from the desktop versions. This is why cutting the chunk of the content becomes inevitable. While doing so make sure that the essence of the content remains same. When I am talking about the content I am by default including images, links and other graphical representations on the website. The essence is to qualify the bid to ensure that the shrinking of the text and images doesn't impact the overall look and usability of the website.

Engagement Matters:

Since the mobile screen has less space to accommodate the content, maximum engagement should be the key. It is now predictable to convey your users that piece of information that suits them the best. For an instance if I visit a mobile site to get the insight on Mobile SEO, I wouldn't expect a piece of text explaining how mobile websites are B2B oriented. Engagement perception clearly states that conveying exact information to the user is the core of any business and mobile marketing isn't an exception either.

An Inevitable Call-to-Action:

While planning mobile content you need to have an eye on the call-to-action etiquettes. You must convey your user a way to navigate specially if he is on an e-commerce site or using any news portal. Offering them a path to navigate and clear call-to-action will help you to ensure better engage with visitors. A precise call-to-action assist users to subscribe a channel, sign-up for the newsletter and login for the payment gateway.

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