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How To Speed Up Your Mobile Browsing Experience

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How To Speed Up Your Mobile Browsing Experience

You would have experienced a slight drop in speed and performance after using mobile browser for some time. The drop in mobile browsing experience happens due to cache, history and cookies. The situation goes even worse if you're using 2G data network and sometimes 3G and 4G networks are also subjected to hang ups and loss. None of us wants to see slow internet where mobile websites are being loaded slowly. It annoys at its level best when we share a video or download a big document.

If this is the case with you, don't lose heart. There are certain ways to speed up your mobile browsing irrespective of the network you're using.

Disable Javascript:

Disabling Javascript is the finest thing that you can do to speed up your mobile browsing experience. Though, it reduces the charm and look of a website, it can be a great choice if all you need is to browse a bunch of information flawlessly. This isn't a permanent solution and if you notice that turning off JavaScript isn't serving any result, reactivate it to the normal.

Disable Cache And Site Data:

Cache actually helps you speed up browsing by remembering the websites you've visited in the past, but in it long run it hurts your mobile browsing performance. It's always a good practice to clear cache and website data on frequent intervals if you have issues with your mobile browser. After clearing cache from 'Settings> Privacy> Clear Cache', you'll see a visible boost in performance and mobile browsing experience.

Turn Off Cookies:

Cookies may also be deleted to improve the browser performance. Web browsers create cookies for various purposes throughout the browsing sessions. Cookies are useful, but for fast browsing experience you can disable them by going to Settings, and under “Advanced” select Content Settings. From there, you can turn cookies off by simply tapping it.

Disabling Pop-Ups:

Pop-ups are appeared to be the biggest contributors to slowing down mobile browsing performance. They're not only annoying, but unnecessarily consume data, RAM, and processing speed. You may speed up mobile browsing by turning off these pop-ups from Settings> Advanced> Content Settings. Select Pop-ups, and turn them off.

Use Latest Browsers:

Your outdated browser could be another factor for bad mobile browsing experience. You should always go with a latest browser version available with app stores. The default browser with your smartphone isn't necessarily an ideal one when you have updated versions of browsers from Google Chrome, Firefox, and even Opera.

These are few ways to boost your mobile browsing experience and its speed. They work well most of the time, but not the sure shot methods at all. In order to have a great browsing experience on your smartphone, you should firmly work on your browsing habits and information priorities.

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Julie Granville Says:

Another way to speed up your Mobile browsing experience is “enable maximum loading data option” , There is a setting in android phone that your Wireless and Network
settings you have selected the GPRS transfer prefer to Call Prefer but you should change it to Data Prefer. It will prompt change in web browsing speed in mobiles.

Chris Ronald Says:

The web browser of your android phone plays a very important role in increasing your browsing speed on mobile. You should choose only fast web browser from play store.. It will help to accelerate your mobile browsing experience.