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India Mobile App Usage Grew Up By 131%, Says Yahoo

Tarun Gupta | Jul 3rd, 2015 | Application Development

In its latest report on the mobile apps usage in India, Yahoo has showcased several key stats. The report says that mobile app growth in India has surpassed its global usage. As per Yahoo's latest report, the mobile app usage in Asia continent as whole was 77%, whereas in India it was about 131%.

The report dedicates this surge to India's obsession with mobile apps shopping which contributed to 19% of users' time spent on their smartphones.

Christopher Klotzbach, head of product marketing, Flurry from Yahoo said:

The shift from e-commerce to m-commerce is accelerating, with Indians engaging with their mobile shopping apps almost round the clock.

During the research, team Yahoo analyzed data collected from over 700,000 apps and 1.8 billion devices from across the world, and the 42,000 apps and 82 million devices from India, that use Yahoo services.

According to the latest report, Phablets are the fastest growing mobile devices used for app usage globally with 78% more than the average smartphone users in Asia. This is the driving force for the app growth in the region.


The report lists top three app growth categories in India. They are- Personalization (such as Android launchers like Aviate and Hola), News & Reading and Photography. The growth percentage for these apps over year is reported as 533%, 311% and 178% respectively.


Yahoo in its statement admitted that for mobile developers in India, the biggest challenge is to monetize the apps. However, with the increasing demands of native ads, they have found a new way of app monetization.

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That’s really great, Now the time is right for developers to influence this craving for apps and lead the bend