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Google Introduces New Mobile App Results Layout For Mobile

Post By Rajesh Kumar Post User Last Updated: Aug 31st, 2015 category Mobile Marketing

Google seems eager to drive app deliverability and app engagement at a new level. The search engine biggie is now rolling out a brand new and beautiful layout interface for 'apps' search on mobile.

Now onwards a search term following the word 'apps' will pop-up a grid of app results above the normal search results. Each block in the search results is colored according to the app's icon. Clicking the "expand" button will open open up the grid even further with more results flowing in.

The new mobile search interface layout is being rolled out for both Google Play and Apple Store, but these results seem to only appear on Android for now. The search result will also reflect download numbers and ratings as per Play Store stats, and each block will take you to the relevant Play Store listing.


Searching the same phrase on iPhone gets a card with a list of apps, linking to its own listing in the App Store. It's yet to be under curtain when the feature will be coming to other mobility platforms.

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Mehak Says:

That’s so good for mobile users. New layout for app searches is looking nice on the mobile devices. Users can easily get any app from Google, just need to click on the app icon that takes them directly to the play store from where they can install the app..