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Mistakes That Damage Your Online Reputation

Tarun Gupta | Apr 17th, 2014 | Digital Marketing Resources

If you think that hatching up Facebook or Twitter profiles for your company is all that you need to shoot up your company's reputation in one's mind, you are on the wrong track. There are big entrepreneurs who made their social presence with a buzz but collapsed without making an impression. Social media is certainly an impressive tool to create and communicate your online presence but there are strategies that need to be taken into the consideration to push your online reputation even further. Social is all about engagement and discussion and if you are lacking at it, your online reputation will take a dive.

Are You Taking Your Reputation Seriously ?

If you have failed to make mark despite great social presence, you might have followed a wrong turn. Following are the Online Reputation Management pointers you might have missed to capture and that led to the entire online catastrophe.

You Failed To Recognize Your Audience

Looking through the social mirror isn't bad if you understand who are the people you are looking for. Create a self-questionnaire that includes queries like who is the prime audience and how they like to engage. Once you have identified them, it's time to work on them. There are three kinds of audience you usually encounter namely the silent majority, vocal minority and social authority. Silent majority is the group of people who primarily constitutes the crowd over the web. They read user generated content but hardly think about engagement or participation. Vocal minority is the bunch of people who show sheer interest in you and are the active participants.

You Aren't Building An Online Presence

Once you understand who your audience are, go ahead and address them. Put your business straight on those platforms where your possible buyers are. If they tend to migrate on various social platforms you need to have presence over there. Do follow the wherever they go. Mind that your diverse platform presence will give you the opportunity to meet more interested buyers across the platforms. Don't leave your audience unattended.


You Aren't There 24x7

It sends wrong signals when your audience unable to trace you when they need you the most. Undoubtedly, it's quite tough to attend conversations round the clock but that doesn't mean you ignore it. There are trackers and automated tools that you can put in place to track what's going on there on your social media pages. Put these tools at work to get updated about the mentions of your brand.

You Are Taking Time To Respond

Whether it's negative or positive, it's imperative to respond your audience as soon they ask for. This is probably the core of Audience Based Digital Marketing. Being a business provider you must be open to criticism. It's not possible that every second buyer will appreciate you. Some of them may have queries about your service and customer support you supposedly offer. If concerns are raised, regardless of its harshness you need to tackle it with composed mindset. Listen to their complaints and rip them off without delay. Forged excuses and ignorance could cost your online reputation direly. Regardless the intensity of the appreciation or criticism, you need to respond to every comment as soon it appears.

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