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MailChimp Announces MailChimp Pro With Improved Features

Post By Sumant Singh Post User Last Updated: Sep 28th, 2015 category Email Marketing

Atlanta based e-mail marketing company MailChimp has announced a full-fledged MailChimp Pro package for the marketers. The package consists of a suite of key features for testing, analysis, and reporting. The features are designed to help businesses optimize their email and e-commerce marketing.

The new toolset offers multivariate testing, comparative reports and priority support features among all. See what's new with the MailChimp Pro:

Multivariate Testing
This is the major addition that has been made to MailChimp Pro. The feature will tell marketers which campaign components perform best. The feature comes with a drag and drop editor.
Comparative Reports
The feature enables marketeers to view performance over time, compare campaigns to each other in a single view, schedule recurring reports, and build segments based on reports.
Priority support
This is another key feature that connects Pro users to a special team of experts for quick customer support.
Delivery Insight
A feature that gives insight on where campaigns are after delivery.
Reputation Score
The feature shows shows where an individual account stands from a deliverability perspective.

MailChimp's Chief Data Scientist John Foreman summarized the inclusion:

MailChimp Pro is built for businesses that are serious about using customer data to make email marketing more effective,” said Chief Data Scientist John Foreman. “Whether by identifying trends with Comparative Reports or gathering insights across multiple design and copy combinations with Multivariate Testing, MailChimp Pro serves up data that empowers users to market to their audiences intelligently.

MailChimp has earned great reputation for making e-mail marketing an easy affair, and now with these features, they're making it lot easier. For entire suit, you need to pay $199 in addition to a monthly plan.

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Karen Axelton Says:

it is a finished modify concentrating on a single interface for dealing with numerous emails, shortsighted and hearty work processes for a few automation situations, and progressed send-time management….

Gary Brich Says:

Is there a prescribed system for (physically) moving over live courses physically set up with outdated autoresponders? In the event that I have existing autoresponders – will despite everything they function as-seems to be, or do I have to hurry and go in and transform them?

Mehak Says:

Great, This is a stunning update, particularly for those of us who use Unbounce and MailChimp.!

Daniel root Says:

It would be pleasant if a single work process could trigger on a new signu or a current subscriber field change. Having to copy work processes is not viable..