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Long Tail Keywords – Assemble Words to Increase Traffic

Tarun Gupta | Jul 15th, 2009 | Search Engine Optimization

If you have a website and are missing a lot of free and targeted traffic from the search engines then choosing an appropriate long tail keyword is the best option. They eliminate the huge competition and make it easy to achieve optimal ranking with the search engines.

Keyword of a website is a simple phrase or word used to type into the search engines by the viewers for searching information. The most popular terms managed by site owners are rarely those that provide the most business. Considering the secret of sending more search engine traffic to your website needs an appreciation of the long tail theory and consequently the effective manipulation of long tail keywords. They are basically multi phrase search queries or main keyword topic that literally embodies the visitor’s need for certain specific information. These long tail keywords optimize your site and create contents according to the search queries and attract visitors to your site.

These multi word phrases are specific search keywords used by the customers prior to availing any services or buying decisions. They help to gear up sales and are much easier to rank. With different long tail combinations that the searchers might use, you are more likely to create more pages and Google love sites that have more web pages. It makes the site appear more natural, substantial and unique. It is better to target easy to ranking keywords than to focus on just one or two highly competitive general keywords.

Long Tail Keyword Benefits:

High Monetary Potential:
he visitors of such sites are in search of specific information and thus are more likely to click on relevant ads or subscribe to newsletter or blog feed. This helps you to increase the targeted audience and in the long run increase the product sales and enjoy greater monetary benefits.
Higher conversion rates:
Visitors who are attracted through long keywords search queries are likely to become customers or convert on affiliate programs or even make certain recommendations. With long tail phrases, it becomes possible to target a market of potential buyers.
Increase In Traffic:
Long keywords leads to increased search engine traffic since you have a greater number of pages indexed for specific phrases related to your website and business. This increases the brand visibility of the company and the search engine traffic.
Easy To Rank:
Due to the weak competition of long tail keywords, it becomes much easier to obtain a higher rank with the search engines.

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