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Is Linux Hosting What You Looking At?

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Have you tried our Linux Hosting plans yet? We bring to you the most smartly planned Linux web hosting plans including all essential features, tools and software installations. Serving the web hosting industry for over a decade now, we have now learnt and mastered the art of devising convenient and affordable web hosting plans.

Linux Web Hosting Plans

We have demarcated our Linux hosting solutions under three categories of :

  • Business Linux Hosting Plan
  • Premium Linux Hosting Plan
  • Linux Hosting Enterprise plan

Each plan is available with its own set of credentials. All plans are priced economically, keeping in mind the ongoing market trends. Our Linux Hosting Solutions let you have and maintain full account management with the use of cPanel and Plesk Hosting Control Panel for Linux hosting.

Get The BrainPulse Advantage

Our Linux Hosting plans are devised meticulously after serious industry research. These packages not only help our clients with simplified management but also empower them with reduced expense and overall saving. All our Linux hosting packages come with installed software and necessary tools that are available to all of our customers. In addition, BrainPulse also has a dedicated certified support team, which works round the clock to solve customer queries immediately. The company promises 99.9% uptime guarantee along with unlimited data transfer and multiple other add-on services.

In order to know more about our affordable web hosting services, we invite you to speak with our sales representative, who will immediately provide you with workable solutions.

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