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Node.js And io.js Merged Under The Name Node Foundation

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The news has emerged as a great relief for the Linux community who were under illusion right after a good chunk of programmers and developers parted ways with their own framework io.js. After months of discussions, Linux Foundation has finally got the solution. The foundation has announced a new entity 'Node Foundation' the combines together the codebases of Node.js and io.js.

The foundation is backed and supported by some of the tech giants including IBM, Intel, Joyent, Microsoft and PayPal. The biggies are backing the codebase to make the entity independent. According to the the makers of the foundation, it's a neutral structure and an open governance foundation. It will remain open for public contribution.

Jim Zemlin, executive director at The Linux Foundation said:

“by tapping into the strength of an empowered, unified community, the Node.js Foundation will advance this rapidly growing platform that supports millions of users around the world.”

Once the entity goes functional, the Linux foundation will put a mechanism in place to oversee contributions to the code and facilitate discussions.

In mid-2014, ios.js broke up with Node.js and started as an independent community. The news appearing now is a sigh of relief for developers and companies who had expected good things from the codebase. Now, the Node.js will work as a whole and will enable contributors to start working on the same codebase.

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Gary Brich Says:

Splendid news for the whole hub environment!! Having two competing executions would not be perfect (even if they both support NPM). I trust under this new structure, the development will work at the speed of io.js. Well done to everybody included!

Julie Granville Says:

Im happy, however honestly need the project to be called io.js. I loved the name much better…

Saurabh Panday Says:

Exactly. For me, the Node.js name is discolored. The groups get down to business with io.js and I trust it should have proceeded down that road.

Anny Joe Says:

This is great news for the node community because a splinter would not have worked for any one. Ideally, abandon this us and keep on building great node applications…

Manoj Khanna Says:

I think the name Node works better, truly. In composing both work fine, yet in spoken language its a bit simpler to say/more particular in response of the question ‘what are you using”.