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LinkedIn lets users Showing Services in the Profile

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With a new update to its platform, LinkedIn, the professional networking giant will now let users list the professional services they offer to their clients.

With the feature in place, LinkedIn users will now get an opportunity market and promote their services outside of their business page. This is how they will be able to connect with new prospects.

The feature will also allow LinkedIn users to communicate to their clients about their works and professional services they can offer. Now you wont be bothered to explain your clients every time about the services, its scope and delivery in your inbox.


Following are the steps you can follow to update your profile with a list of services. Here we go:

Visit your profile page and look for a box under the profile photo/headline that prompts you to add information about the services you provide.

  • Click “Add Services.”
  • Fill out the form to provide details about the services you provide.
  • Click “continue” and the information will be added to your profile.

As this feature is being rolled out for the LinkedIn users, LinkedIn users will be able to filter their general LinkedIn searches for service providers. In case they list their services in their respective profiles, they will be eligible to show up in service provider searches.

This innovative feature is now available for LinkedIn users in the US who have a Premium Business subscription. The feature will be rolled out to others as well in months to come.

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